Forms of Joint Property Ownership

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While real estate is currently the most lucrative investment, the considerable monetary injection required locks many investors out of the available opportunities. As such, some choose to invest in conjunction with others. Though this eases your financial burden, it comes with various legal issues.

Choosing to handle the transaction without a reputable real estate attorney from a law firm in Denver, Colorado might leave you with buyer’s remorse and huge losses. One of the aspects an attorney will help you handle is the form of joint property ownership of your investment. Here are your available options:

Joint Ownership with the Right of Survivorship

In joint ownership with the right to survivorship, you own an equal right to the property and can possess, rent, occupy, or use it. Upon your death, the property passes on to the surviving owners without passing through probate. Hence, you cannot transfer the rights of ownership of this property in a will or trust to beneficiaries.

Tenancy in Common

TIC ownership, as it is commonly called, arises when two or more people own one property but have separate titles to it. Each property owner does as he or she wishes with his or her property’s interest. Upon your death in a tenancy in common, your property share passes to the beneficiaries you name in your trust or will.

Tenancy by the Entirety

A tenancy by the entirety exists between a wife and a husband. It provides additional protection to the property owned in marriage. One spouse has to consult the other on decisions affecting the property. The entire property automatically belongs to the surviving spouse after the death of the other. A tenancy by the entirety is recognized in a few states.

The primary benefit of the forms of joint ownership mentioned above is an effective solution for passing on a property after an owner’s death without probate. Your lawyer will recommend ways of coordinating your chosen property ownership form with your estate plan. This way, your survivors will not suffer lengthy court battles over the inheritance of property after your demise.

Personal Injury Claims: How Lawyers can Help You with Your Case 

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Filing an injury claim involves many complex legal processes. Oftentimes, the other party can just make low-ball offers. Even worse is when the insurance company denies all your claims.

The best move for this is to hire a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Utah or wherever you live. Find a law firm that can help you simplify the process and get the compensation you deserve.

How Can a Personal Injury Help you?

Other than the paperwork, personal injury lawyers can provide professional legal advice to help you get the right compensation. They can represent you in court hearings and other required procedures whenever needed. Here’s a detailed breakdown to give you more insights:

1. Filing Lawsuits to the Right Parties

Filing lawsuits can be confusing. Most of the time, complainants don’t know who they should go after. Keep in mind that there could be other parties who can be held accountable for your injuries. Your lawyer can take care of this for you. They can determine the people or company potentially responsible for the damages incurred.

2. Investigating Your Claim

Your lawyer will need some time to evaluate your claim. During the initial consultation, they may ask some questions regarding the incident. Providing medical certificates, photos, and other records should help them with your case. Once they have gathered the facts based on your testimonies and evidence, they can start working on their strategy.

3. Negotiating Your Claim

Another advantage of having a lawyer is that they will help you negotiate for the claim and get the right amount you deserve. They know exactly when and how to bargain with the insurance companies or the other parties involved. While a settlement is always part of this process, your lawyer should be transparent with you. They should also ask your decision with their offers.

These are just some of the things your personal injury lawyer can help you with. Look for a professional with the experience in handling cases like yours.

The Most Common Stages in Timeshare Fraud

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A timeshare is a kind of vacation ownership where a person buys a right to vacation at a certain timeshare resort for one week each year. The problem here is some timeshare owners tend to be too eager to unload their contract that they often become prey of fraud. That’s why every timeshare fraud attorney tells his or her clients to be cautious of companies or individuals who offer contracts that are just too good to be true. Here are a few of the common stages of timeshare fraud you should know.

A Company Reaches Out to Offer Assistance

It would sound too fishy if someone tries to get in touch with you and offers you help just in time when you want to get rid of your timeshare. You might want to be cautious about it, especially if the company makes a claim that the market within the area is in demand, or promises that they have plenty of buyers interested with the property. Check the company’s profile for any reviews, complaints, or feedback so that you’ll know their reputation.

They Ask You to Pay First

Once they’ve noticed that you’re interested with what they have to say, they’ll soon ask you to pay before assisting you. A fraudulent company will ask you to pay a certain amount of fee before giving any help. Most people would eventually pay up to get the help that they need.

There’s Never Really a Buyer

Soon after, you’ll then realize that you’ve been played all along. It’ll become clearer to you that there was never actually a buyer to begin with. And since you were too eager to get rid of the timeshare, you’ll soon realize that you’ll never get your money back because it wasn’t stated in the refund policy.

Learning everything that you can about the entire process is essential so that you’ll know what to do once it happens. Ensure that you’re working with an accredited company who knows a lot about timeshare issues so you’ll have the support that you need.

Making It Work: 4 Things to Know About Divorce and Mediation

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All couples face different sets of challenges. One of these is divorce, which is usually a couple’s last resort when their marriage just doesn’t work anymore. Fortunately, there are lawyers who specialize in these cases, and they can help the couple either finalize their divorce or become civil with each other again.

A divorce mediation service in Long Island presents an in-depth look at how lawyers mediate between two sides of a divorce.

Reaching an Agreement

The reason lawyers attempt a mediation is there could be a chance that the couple would reach an agreement together. This is possible if they are still civil or in speaking terms. An agreement could involve who takes care of the kids, who gets to handle certain properties, and such.

Saving Time and Money

Doing mediation costs less money instead of having a trial in court. Mediation also saves time because it could be finished once an agreement has been made. Divorce trials would involve the time of the judge, the jury, the lawyers, and those attending the trial. Couples who would find this too much of a hassle, therefore, prefer mediation first.

Protecting the Children

Because mediation is more private than a court trial, it protects the children from having to see their parents argue in court. It also benefits the children because it leads to more chances of their parents remaining civil after the separation.

Hostile Behavior

Cases wherein mediation is simply not possible would be if one spouse displays hostile behavior toward the other one. Mediation is also not recommended when there have been instances of abuse in the relationship.

In conclusion, relationships undergo challenges like divorce. This is why lawyers exist to act as a mediator between two spouses so that they could reach a mutual agreement. Through mediation, the couple saves time, money, and their children’s future.

Divorce Among Older US Couples on the Rise Since the 1990s

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Your retirement plan should include a budget for a likely divorce, as more people in their 50s and above have decided to dissolve their marriage since the 1990s.

Otherwise known as a gray divorce, this term applies to couples who have been together for more than 20 years. It may affect your retirement fund due to the expensive legal fees associated with divorce proceedings, aside from dividing all your assets with your spouse.

Rising Trend

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau showed that 10 couples out of 1,000 people between 50 years and above divorced in 2015.

The divorce rate among senior citizens at least 65 years old and above rose almost thrice since 1990, with six couples out of 1,000 people.

There are several reasons behind a long-term couple’s decision to split, such as discovering that they no longer have something in common. Some empty-nesters also find out that their children were the only thing that kept them together.

Still, a divorce after 2018 will be more expensive and difficult due to certain changes in taxes for alimony payments.

Unhappy Union

Ken Neumann, New York City’s Center for Mediation and Training director, said that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would compel some couples to stay married against their will. By 2019, alimony payments from the spouse paying are no longer subject to tax.

Divorce lawyers here in Suffolk County, NY may explain how this will complicate a divorce settlement. Most lawyers believe that the tax incentive to paying spouses serves as one factor for easier negotiations.

While recipients are not subject to alimony payments taxes, paying spouses may choose to pay a smaller amount due to the new tax code.


Legal counsel should be your priority whether or not you are in the middle of a gray divorce. Would you be able to afford the new system on alimony payments?