American Diner Style Set Lunch at the CBD is a Hearty Fare

Clam Chowder

Singapore CBD is a busy hub of activity throughout the day. For the busy businessman eating lunch is a wise choice. It is not hard to find a set lunch at the CBD. For tummy filling and mouthwatering meals, a menu of modern cuisine is a welcome treat. On any busy day, ordering a hearty soup like clam chowder can do the trick. It is thick, heady, hearty and filled with shellfish goodness.

Two or Three Courses

There would be days when a client meeting continues over lunch. This is quite common in the CBD. For impressive meals which don’t break the budget, two-course meals can be had for $19, while three courses go for $25. There are choices for starters, mains and dessert as well. Set lunches are an easy and fast way to get served, in an American diner type restaurant. This is different from the other choices in the CBD area.

Clam Chowder

It is not often that a Singapore restaurant would have clam chowder on its menu. Less common is Pacific Coast Clam Chowder on any menu. One of the most iconic of American soups is the clam chowder, the most famous of which is the Boston or New England clam chowder. Besides the clam, it is made with cream or with whole cream milk, resulting in the white soup. For vegetables, it only has potatoes.

This simple recipe does not have a lot of leeway in terms of taste and texture but is distinctly Boston and New England. On the other hand, although less well-known, there is the Pacific Coast Clam Chowder. It has potatoes and clams and is thickened with flour and butter. What differentiates this from other clam chowders is the bacon. Thyme is an optional item giving it a hearty, aromatic taste. For full body, white wine is also added.

Having a hearty meal in the middle of a busy day is vital to get past the stress and tension of work and business. Having clam chowder in an American style diner at the CBD can help relieve work-related stress and gets one ready for the rest of the day.