Fridge Magnets that Best Capture the Sun Signs

While astrology may not be entirely reliable, it is, undeniably, great fun. After all, with all of the complexities that go along with living and being alive, sometimes it feels good to just simplify.  That is, to put a certain amount of stock in what the celestial bodies have in store for us and to just go with that flow; even if only for the fun of it.

To simplify even further, let’s proclaim: all sun signs could use some quirky, catchy, nice-looking fridge magnets. These are, after all, a fun and whimsical way to liven up your refrigerator – not to mention, an awesome marketing tool for your business!

Based on the unique traits of the different Zodiac signs, perhaps such fridge magnets could be as follows:

  • Aries

Enthusiastic Aries lives in the here and now while looking forward to the rewards of the future.

Fridge Magnet: Motivational Quotes

  • Taurus

Taurus is all about security: a good family, a thriving career, and a rewarding marriage.

Fridge Magnet: Barack Obama & Family

  • Gemini

Geminis are ardent explorers and professional dabblers. They experience everything at least once.

Fridge Magnet: Random Stuff from Cats to Cars to Magnetized Love Letters from their Exes

  • Cancer

Clingy Cancer needs constant reassurance. They aspire for security in terms of intimacy.

Fridge Magnet: “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

  • Leo

Leo’s secret desire is to become famous. They possess a kind of radiant energy.

Fridge Magnet: Either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie

  • Virgo

Virgo’s caring and compassionate nature guide them into doing the right thing as often as possible.

Fridge Magnet: “WWJD”

  • Libra

Consistency is Libra’s game plan. “Chill” is their mantra.

Fridge Magnet: The Dalai Lama

  • Scorpio

Resilient Scorpio thrives amidst adversity. Against all odds, they persist and triumph.

Fridge Magnet: Mountains

  • Sagittarius

A strong sense of adventure guides Sagittarius. They hope to venture out into the world and make a difference.

Fridge Magnet: All the Cities they’ve Been to

  • Capricorn

Capricorn seeks admiration for their unrivaled achievements.

Fridge Magnet: Stars and (Magnetized) Participation Medals

  • Aquarius

Originality is Aquarius’s life goal. They pursue an understanding of life’s many enigmas.

Fridge Magnet: Anything Coachella

  • Pisces

Practicality and intimacy are Pisces’s guiding principles. Things they don’t like include being alone and abstractions.

Fridge Magnet: The Kardashians Family

Whether you are an ardent believer in the Sun Signs or somewhat of a skeptic, there’s no harm in having some fun with them. And if you wish to always be reminded which sign guides you, why not put some astrology-specific magnets on your fridge?


3 Services An Accountant Can Provide For Your Business

Property manager working

Running a business is not as easy as it seems. It becomes more tedious as the business gets bigger. As a result, you need to get your finances right so you could manage the business properly.

With many at stake and more work to do, you are forced to work extra hours managing all the tasks. In the long run, you might run out of passion and interest to continue what you’ve started.

As early as now, you might need help with your finances, and an accountant can do the job for you. Lessen your burden and hire a reliable accountant to manage your finances, taxes and financial accounts. Here are the three services they offer.

Tax Preparation

One of the most difficult and tiresome jobs you would do in business is tax preparation. You don’t want to face charges when it comes to the accuracy of your tax returns. Hence, making sure all data and information listed in your tax forms are valid, accurate and precise.

A tax accountant in Salt Lake City sees to it that they decide, define and detect deductible business expenses, not just relying on the information provided by the taxpayer.

Payroll Preparation

If your business is growing, you will need employees to work for you. Together with employees are their salaries. An accountant can help you prepare for the payroll, making sure the wages, deductions, taxes and other fees are managed properly.


Bookkeeping is necessary for any business. If you’re a small business owner, it is essential to recognize the best practices that business giants may apply to you too. It is one of the most basic functions of accountants – making sure all financial transactions, financial statements, and journals are kept properly and privately.

Accountants play a significant role in making sure the business is running smoothly, and the finances are in check. They make sure the company will gain profit more than losing money to expenses. Thus, as a small business owner, hiring a renowned and experienced accountant is a must.

Great Things About the Rodeo People Love

Rodeo events would always be teeming with individuals coming from a host of locations and different walks of life. There are great reasons they join rodeo events. If you have not yet gone to this affair, then you are missing a lot.

Here are some of the reasons you should go on your first rodeo.

Time to dress up

You cannot just go to the rodeo wearing your regular work wear or the casual clothes that you use to go to the mall. You have to be a cowboy or cowgirl! Indeed, many people find the rodeo a chance to live out their lifelong dream of being a cowboy and say, “Yeeha!”

The rodeo is the time to wear the finest pair of boots that you have, choosing a belt buckle that is simply huge it catches a lot of attention. Of course, you need to have that crisp cowboy hat.

Some people look for straw cowboy hats for sale, which they consider as less warm than the traditional leather hats. Having completed the getup, you are now ready to join in on the fun.

The exciting competitions

People get thrilled when the event is full of an electrifying sense of danger. Yes, the games held in rodeos mostly have that feeling of uncertainty that will leave you at the edge of your seats. Imagine a cowboy hanging on for dear life while the huge bull is trying to get him off its back.

That bareback bronc riding will have you holding your breath until the cowboy is safe on the ground. In fact, the danger associated with rodeo events is so real; some described it as a “brutal sport.” But then again, people love to see somebody overcome the danger and that is what makes rodeos truly worth it.

The great food

Since attendees at the rodeo normally get too excited, which makes them hungry after that; there certainly is a lot of food waiting for them. Yes, you can feast your eyes (and your tummy) on probably the biggest barbecue ever!

Now it is becoming quite clear why the rodeo draws a lot of people every time. You can consider it a convergence of tradition, food and even fashion! When you get to join a rodeo, you will surely see and feel the excitement around you.

Increase Your Chances of Landing an IT-Related Job

Interviewer shaking woman applicant's hand

There is no denying that the IT industry is one of the most lucrative sectors of today. And there is no denying that because of an ever-changing digital landscape, many companies are now venturing into IT-related products and services.

In fact, companies will continue to lead in terms of growth since they have to innovate to meet the demands of consumers. Here are some ways you can make it big in the area of IT.

Create an IT blog

Employers normally look up your information online. Yes, you may have references included in your resume, but they would always check your reputation online. If you want to work in an IT-related company, better start an online blog that talks about information technology.

A great blog will essentially become your professional portfolio. Your blog will do so much more in impressing your would-be employer than you talking about your skills.

Get a certification

When you are eyeing an IT-related job, certifications are very important. These will tell your future employers that you have reached a certain level of a certain field in IT. This is a very broad field, and there is always a necessity to be a master of a certain technology, software or hardware.

If you are worried about taking the test, look for an A+ practice test that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the kind of test you would take.

Solidify network

This network referred to is not the “virtual” network; rather, it is your own social network. Connect with other people who are in the same or related field. They will then see your skill sets and your talents. Follow them so they could also follow you back.

Before you know it, you might just receive an offer for a job that you have actually been dreaming of.

While the IT industry may be highly competitive, it is still one of the most lucrative. Many have succeeded for having focused their time and talents in IT. You might end up enjoying the same if you follow the things mentioned above.

How Does Starvation Affect the Brain?


The body has a built in survival instinct; it what makes a person instinctively sneeze, blink, breathe and get away from the path of a vehicle. Contrast these instinctual behaviors with an anorexic; the latter starves him or herself, to death sometimes, while many may struggle to go on a diet.

Experts on treatments for anorexia from EDCare cite that the brain of a person with the disorder or have recovered from it, have subtle but substantial differences from someone who never had it.

An Anorexic Brain Responds Differently to Food

The brain of a person dealing with anorexia doesn’t respond to food stimuli, even photos of it won’t elicit a response, compared to a control group. A person that recovered from anorexia shows less brain activity when given sugar. The same group of researchers performed another test called ‘guessing game’. There were two groups, one that recovered from anorexia and another who didn’t have the disorder. This involved winning or losing money; the control group had different brain activities when they won and lost money. On the other hand, the recovered group had similar brain activity regardless of whether they won or lost.

The researchers’ findings led them to the conclusion that anorexics have difficulties distinguishing positive and negative.

Affected Parts of the Brain

An expert cites that imaging data of anorexics and those that recovered show an under active limbic system, which connects to feelings for rewards, and an under active operatic executive neural system, which links to a person’s inhibition. The expert follows this up by saying that an anorexic perceives their actions as wrong and can’t handle criticisms. They can’t learn from mistakes and experience because they inappropriately balance punishments and rewards.

One can’t overlook the potentially harmful effects of starvation caused by an eating disorder on the brain; it may distort one’s normal functions or even aggravate a current condition.