Preparing for an Exam: Effective Tips for Reviewing

A paralegal studying for an exam

Exams—no matter how small—can cause stress. This is the time many students panic and rush up and down their notes to review. It’s in this state of confusion, however, that some find themselves having reviewed so little on the exam day.

So, how can you maximize every minute of your review time? The Center For Legal Studies shares some tips to help you prepare for your exam.

Find a conducive study space

This is the first thing you ought to do. Ensure you find or create a good study space that is void of any distractions. It could be a school or public library, your dorm room, under a shade in your school’s compound, etc. Make sure that you have access to the materials you need to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Start early

Most students have a habit of waiting until the last days for them to review. You can also find yourself in such a predicament if you keep procrastinating. By starting your review early, you can save yourself the agony of the last-minute rush. One sure way of doing this is by making reviews a routine. Have a set goal especially for your tough subjects. Also, try spicing up your review by coming with unique ways of memorizing facts.

Have a study schedule

Just like most things in life, reviewing needs proper planning. Have a timetable drawn and make sure that you religiously follow it. Plan it according to your goals and the amount of workload you have. Also, consider the time you deem yourself most productive and slot the hard subjects there. This is also the best time to let your friends and relatives know that you need some time alone.

Preparing for your forthcoming exams doesn’t have to be a herculean task. Just follow the above tips, and you will be sure to cover most of your work and still have time left to relax with family and friends.

3 Pointers for Starting a Horse Stable

horse in a stable

If you’re thinking of owning a farm- or ranch-based business, the first thing that will come to mind is planting grains and selling livestock. If you want to expand your portfolio or simply want to start something lucrative, however, you may want to get acquainted with the equine line.

Owning horses and making the most of them, whether for work or sports, prove to be a lucrative source of income. Like any other type of business, it also has its fair share of challenges. Assuming that you have a budget and you already know the basics, here are some pointers that may help deepen your knowledge:

The Location

This may prove to be difficult if you don’t have a farm, a ranch, or a tract of land. If you’re willing to invest in a property, you should go for a ranch that’s conducive to the health of the horse. On top of that, it should be big enough to accommodate a stable where you can keep them during the hot and cold days.

The Breed

Before you start breeding horses, you should know how you are going to make money off them. Is it through racing, show, or farm work? If you’re truly interested in it, you must go for breeds that are easy to look after. Choose breeds that have a light and manageable temperament. These include quarter horses and draft horses.

The Costs

Having a horse can be expensive, but with proper management, budget efficiency will always be possible. As such, you need to make sure that everything involved in horse care is properly accounted for. From stable construction to animal feeds, you have to monitor the allocation of money carefully.

Building a stable may help you become stable. To learn more about how you can utilize horses, ask experienced ranchers or those who have successfully bred good horses.

3 Skills You Will Learn from Store Management Training Programs

management training

As a retail manager, there are many issues you should not take lightly. Inventory management is one of them. However, even in this, you will agree that different retail managers have varying levels of management. Primarily, it all depends on the quality of training that you have received thus far.

However, with the current demand for highly-skilled staff, it is imperative that you keep developing your managers with store management training programs to keep up with the fast-paced and highly-competitive environment in the retail market. The most critical among these skills are:

1. Leadership

Training is not only for the top management. You should learn how you can best shift from focusing on your day-to-day operations to concentrating on implementing the strategies that will be critical to moving your organization toward a highly profitable future.

You will also learn more about how you can engage your department or team to become more productive at particular activities and tasks.

2. Time Management

With this, you will cover how to handle interruptions and unreasonable demands, and work around tight budgets and information overload, all of which are common in retail management.

Mastering time management skills will help you and your staff know how to work with a team to avoid spending overmuch on unnecessary labor.

3. Adapting to Trends

Change is one critical element that has been and will continue to drive success (or failure) in retail businesses. It is, therefore, necessary you learn how to address the fast-evolving customer demands, innovation trends and competition.

As a retail manager, your primary goal should be to maximize your productivity and that your staff. You also have to look for ways to make your store operations highly efficient in inventory management.

Therefore, seek to master the three skills mentioned here. You also should ensure you work with the right institution when enrolling in store management training programs.

Having a Blast During a Vacation or Occasion Without Overspending

An airplane

Taking a break from your normal routine is important to relax your mind and body. There’s so much fun in traveling, so many places to visit, and many people to know. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway to relieve stress or spend quality time with your family, it’s important to find ways on how you can enjoy without overspending.

Save on transport

One of the biggest expenses during a vacation is transport costs, particularly if you need to fly from your city to your holiday destination. If you live in Indiana, an easy way to reduce the costs is to book cheap flights from South Bend. Instead of hiring an expensive cab at your destination, you could try public transportation or other affordable alternatives.

Celebrate on a budget

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, gift-giving is inevitable. If you want to save more money, you can be creative and design your personalized gifts instead of buying expensive ones from the store. The options are endless, from stylish bracelets to delicious homemade cookies.

Know when to stop

It’s likely that you’ve already made a list of all the things you want to buy for the holidays or your next trip. Once you’ve bought all the important things, it’s the time to stop and keep yourself from splurging. You’ll feel the urge to drop by the mall and check what else you can buy there, but don’t give in. You don’t want to make poor buying decisions this time.

Having a great time during a holiday or a vacation doesn’t need to cost too much. By being smarter, you can shop and enjoy without spending too much. Make the right preparations and get ready for a memorable holiday experience.

ARA Expects $18B of Retail Sales in Australia for Early 2018

woman shoppingIndustry forecasts show that Australians will buy more consumer goods three weeks after this year’s Christmas, which indicates a good start for retailers coming into 2018.

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) expects post-Christmas retail sales in Australia to reach as much as $18 billion, up nearly 3 per cent compared with $17.4 billion in 2016. On Boxing Day alone, shoppers would spend $2.36 billion, according to the ARA.

Franchising Business

Those who have long considered to have a clothing or computer franchise business could find the positive sales estimate as encouraging news. Experimac knows this. New South Wales and Victoria retailers will account for a majority of transactions between December 26 and January 15, 2018. ARA said that these markets would record sales growth of 4.2 per cent and 3.3 per cent, respectively.

Despite an expected year-over-year increase in post-Christmas sales, ARA executive director Russell Zimmerman said that higher energy prices had constrained household incomes. Hence, sales could have been higher by up to 4.5 per cent if not for more expensive electric bills, according to Zimmerman.

Boxing Day Sales

On Dec. 26, many shoppers would stand in line to get their hands on bargain deals at different stores. ARA CEO Dominique Lamb estimated that retail sales on this year’s Boxing Day would be 2.8 per cent higher than the previous year when sales amounted to $2.28 billion.

New South Wales and Victoria would again capture most of the retail sales on Boxing Day. Shoppers would spend a combined amount of more than $1.5 billion. Lamb said that it would continue consumers’ strong spending during the two weeks before Christmas, which already amounted to $20.3 billion.

ARA’s estimate for retail sales bodes well for most enterprises. Aspiring retailers should consider franchising options for setting up your own business if you still feel undecided on opening a sole proprietorship.