4 Mistakes Your Hiring Manager Needs to Stop Making

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The ability to recruit the best candidates in the industry is often what separates great companies from good ones. Your hiring manager must take personal responsibility to make sure that happens. Unfortunately, some hiring managers trip on their own feet when trying to recruit hot prospects. To keep that from happening, managers must avoid these four mistakes:

Failure to pre-screen candidates

When pressed to fill a position urgently, hiring managers tend to rush through the process and neglect some important things they need to take care of. One of that is conducting a national police check from relevant SA agencies. It is the reason some companies end up hiring employees with scandals in their history, exposing the entire company to needless risk.

Needless interview slip-ups

Problems during the interview process are common, and most people hold the false belief that it is only candidates that are prone to the mistakes. But sometimes, it is the hiring manager in the wrong. If you keep asking the wrong questions, display bias when interviewing, or compare candidates, then it is easy to lose the best candidate and end up hiring a liability.

Failure to demonstrate strong leadership

Star performers are not as interested in perks as they are in working for a manager who is a potential mentor. These candidates are eager to join organisations that have a track record of hiring and developing people. If you cannot highlight these capabilities during your recruitment process, you will lose their interest.

Making a poor offer

Excellent candidates will often have other offers from your competitors, so you need to make one that they cannot turn down. If you put an offer on the table that does not make sense, you are wasting both your time and theirs. To get the best, you must be ready to pay for it.

Hiring managers who cannot get the recruitment process right are a liability to your company, not a benefit. To up their game, they must be willing to address some of the hiring mistakes they may be making and adopt smart recruitment practices.

Why Interstate Migration Drives Higher Home Prices in the US

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Home prices in some states are tipped to increases in 2018, thanks to more Americans that will continue to move to other low-cost states.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) believes that interstate migration will serve as a major reason for higher property prices. Hence, home builders will see an opportunity for business. Cash-strapped companies should consider funding assistance through programs such as Housing and Urban Development (HUD) multifamily financing loans.

Exodus of People

NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said that housing values in Utah, Florida and Texas are some of the states will climb in the near future. On the contrary, home prices in Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey and New York will drop due to more Americans that leave these states.

Despite the lower prices in some states, the nationwide home values will likely increase this year. Based on a CoreLogic forecast, U.S. home prices will increase by an estimated 4%. While higher values seemingly benefit home builders and sellers, it puts buyers at a disadvantage as many become priced out of the market.

Affordable Housing Problem

First-time buyers will notice the greater difficulty of purchasing homes due to the growing interstate migration activity. Aside from property prices, rental costs have become more expensive. In Utah, for instance, many people have been forced to be buried in debt just to afford payment for their apartment.

Average rents for a two-bedroom apartment in Park City and Salt Lake are the least affordable at around $1,500 and $1,400, respectively. It will cost you slightly more than $1,200 to rent the same unit in Cottonwood Heights. Cedar City has the cheapest rent at $716.


As the interstate migrant population in some states increase, you can expect home prices to continue its upward trend this year. Home developers should see this as a reason to build more properties not only to drum up business but also help in solving the low-cost housing issue.

Travel Tips for Vacationing with Kids

Your love for travel doesn’t have to take a backseat now that you have kids. In fact, you can pass on that love to see and experience new things to your children by traveling with them. Here are some tips to make the experience fun for everyone.

Safety first

Now that you’re traveling with your little ones, you need to pay more attention to safety measures to prevent any untoward situation from happening. Simple measures like wearing safety vests when in the water, buying travel insurance, or knowing the potential risks in every destination you’re off to are a good start.

If you’re renting a car in Miami, for instance, it’s wise to look for a car seat rental as well, notes Baby Borrow Rental. Also, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the food you’re eating especially when you’re in a place where food-handling regulation is not stringent.

Create an interesting itinerary

When you’re planning on the destination, make sure to have your kids’ preference in mind. Get them involved in the planning by discussing with them and letting them choose some places they’d like to explore. Letting them see places that they love would lessen the possibility of tantrums on the road, and it would make the trip memorable for everyone.

Be flexible

Preparation and planning are good but expect the unexpected. Remember, you’re traveling with kids. Sometimes, situations arise, and you’ll have to ditch some of your plans to do something spontaneous.

Your children’s curiosity might mean you’ll have to spend more time in the park. Keep an open mind to such experiences. It may turn out as fun as—maybe even more so—when you’ve stuck to your plans.

Traveling with kids means you’re the adult and the burden of the responsibilities is on you. But that doesn’t have to mean you can’t take part in the fun. Children have this way of taking on the mood of the parents. So when you’re having fun, there’s a good chance they’ll have fun as well.

Grow Your Brand Name and Sales Quickly with 2 Sure Moves

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Growing a business can be an uphill task, especially when you’re trying to nurse and new business to success. For you to achieve success, you need excellent marketing and advertising plans. While the two might seem similar, they serve different purposes.

Typically, marketing grows your brand name. On the other hand, creative advertising persuades people to buy your products. If you are having a hard time raising your sales and brand name, consider tweaking your approach and find a leading vehicle graphics designer in Utah such as Visibility Signs & Graphics.

Define your target market

The success of your marketing and advertisement plans depend on creating a message that resonates well with the audience. As such, you need to understand the audience and be aware of their preferences. Creating a detailed buyer persona eliminates guesswork.

It ensures that you roll out successful campaigns each time. Profiling your audience lets you focus your efforts on polishing and improving your products. It also enables you to identify gaps in the market that you can fill to increase customer satisfaction and grow your sales.

Get the best value for your money

With so many platforms available, picking the right publicity channels can be a tricky affair. Luckily, profiling your target market solves this problem as well. It alerts you on the most effective way to reach your target audience. As such, you get to pick the one with the greatest return on investment.

For instance, it makes more sense to have vehicle graphic expert in Utah brand your delivery vans than to pay for a billboard. Such a move lets you afford you a cheap but effective way to market your brand without incurring unnecessary fees.

Having a proper marketing and advertising strategy is a sure way of growing your fledgling business. You stand a better chance of launching the best campaigns when you have an in-depth knowledge of the market.

For Students: 3-Point Guide to Effective Revision

If you want to perform well in your exams, you must be effective in your revision and exam preparation methods. However, many students don’t know how to go about it. You can’t use another person’s revision style because it might not work for you.

However, there are some practical tips you can use to be effective in your revision. Below, find some tips to get you started.

1. Have a study area.

According to Salt Lake City’s City Academy, high school students have different opinions when it comes to defining an ideal study area. There are those who prefer a quiet area where there are no distractions. Others prefer an area where they can hear some music.

Then there are those who prefer changing the scenes to boost their concentration. Find out what works for you and find a way of making your study space suitable for you.

2. Have a timetable.

Preparing a comprehensive timetable precedes any effective revision. This will act as your guide on what to study and how much time you have. Make sure to revise the difficult subjects during the times when you consider yourself most productive — perhaps during the morning.

Also, make sure that you slot in short breaks between the sessions, so you have time to recharge and avoid burnout.

3. Exercise.

Make sure that you do some exercises to keep your body rejuvenated. A physical exercise will increase your heart rate, making the blood circulate faster. This increases the oxygen level in your brain, hence boosting your productivity.

Having effective revision techniques will not only help you pass your exams, but it’s a way of ensuring that you capture and comprehend all the critical concepts. With the guide above, you will set yourself to a good start.