Is Your AC Working Too Hard?

open air conditioner pump and fan

Scorching heat outdoors can cause your AC to work harder. While you can expect a correctly sized and well-maintained AC to work efficiently even at extreme temperatures, heat and humidity can still affect the unit and its components.

AC repair experts in Gastonia share a few tips on reducing some of the burden from your unit:

Use Ceiling Fans

These fans help your AC by keeping cool air circulating throughout your home, which creates a wind chill effect that can make you feel cool without changing the thermostat setting. You can promote better airflow by making sure that your ceiling fans are turning counterclockwise when the weather is hot.

Keep the Blinds and Curtains Closed

While natural light can minimize your lighting costs, it’s best to keep the blinds closed during sunny days or when no one’s in the room. By preventing the sunrays from entering your house, you can reduce the workload of your AC in keeping your home cool. You can open the blinds and curtains on cloudy days or in the evening.

Don’t Set Your Thermostat Too Low

Turning your thermostat too low won’t necessarily cool off your home faster. This will only cause your AC to run longer, which only means that you’ll have a chilly home with higher cooling bills. If you want to cool down your home a few hours before you get home, it’s best to install a programmable thermostat.

Don’t Let Heat Accumulate Indoors

When you cook in the kitchen by running the oven and stove, as well as use other appliances such as clothes dryers and dishwashers, your AC will have to work harder to remove the heat. If possible, do some tasks in the evening or coolest times of the day. You can also skip the dryer and use the heat outdoors to dry your clothes.

You can also make your AC run more efficiently by changing or replacing the filters regularly. You shouldn’t also forget to have your system professionally serviced annually. This is to make sure that the unit is up and running at the times you need it the most.

Which Queensland Suburbs Are Most At Risk Of A Property Price Crash?

Calculator and Bundle of Cash

If you’re thinking about buying a home over the next two years, it’s best to avoid the so-called dangerous suburbs where prices are expected to crash based on an index.

The Price Predictor Index showed that homebuyers should stay away from 66 suburban areas in the country. Queensland has the most number of vulnerable places with 26 listed areas, followed by 17 in New South Wales and 10 in Northern Australia.

Most At Risk

The index listed Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley and Kelvin Grove as some of the Queensland suburbs where prices are predicted to fall shortly. Average unit prices in these regions are worth more than $400,000, so spending that amount as an investment could be a risky move.

If you’re planning to buy a home in Townsville, a lawyer is sometimes necessary for property transactions particularly when you need to comply with certain regulations. The suburb isn’t part of the “most dangerous” list, but don’t forget about new conveyancing rules for homebuyers as well.

Electronic Conveyancing

First-time buyers of properties from a residential developer should find out if the company paid taxes to the Australian Taxation Office, as part of new regulations imposed by the government. Consider how electronic conveyancing can help in regulatory compliance, aside from its other advantages.

The Council of Australian Governments launched the Property Exchange Australia to improve conveyancing between buyers and sellers. It aims to hasten transactions with fewer errors compared to manual transactions, while it may save you up to $250 on different expenses at the same time.


Whether you plan to buy a single-family house or an apartment, knowing the best places to find properties is only part of the process. Legal counsel will be important if you plan on buying from a developer, and there are tax rules that need to be met before a sale.

Choosing to Avail of Alternative Dispute Resolution Helps Resolve Issues Faster

Two employees mad at each other

More and more people are availing of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to solve legal problems. These are the same problems that, a few years back, people would choose to litigate in court.

There are advantages you could get from mediation and arbitration services, which can help amicably solve problems faster and less painfully for both parties.

The Third Party

When going into ADR and engaging in mediation and arbitration services, there is the need for an attorney-neutral. These are neutral, third-party professionals who assist in mediating between the disputing parties.

These are usually lawyers who are experts about a specific topic. Authorities in employment and labor laws, probate and elder law, family law, class action, and workplace practices can acknowledge them as legitimate.

Benefits of Arbitration

There are advantages to arbitration and mediation. Arbitration and mediation are binding upon the parties concerned. Before they go into arbitration, they agree that they will follow the ruling. This also means that there is no prescribed appeals process.

The only way an appeal can occur is if there’s proof that the attorney-neutral was biased from the very beginning. The process requires an arbitrator who acts as both judge and jury. The process is less formal than a court hearing, and these are private proceedings.

The discussion and the result is not part of the public record. The whole process is also shorter, thus takes less time. Arbitration allows the disputing parties to agree on a decision that a judge may not make. There is more leeway in the arbitration, and the parties concerned can be in a win-win situation.

When two parties work together and understand that their dispute does not put any of them in an illegal position, then an arbitration or a mediation can be the best solution.

If there is the possibility that one of the parties has acted illegally or that the dispute leads to an irreconcilable discussion, the courts may be best. In most instances, when it can be to the advantage of both parties that they do not go to court, then arbitration is the answer.

Know if Moving is a Good Choice for You

Man packing his belongings

Have you been feeling down lately but can’t figure out what’s causing it? Do you feel stuck, not just at work, but in life, in general? You may have outgrown your current city, and everything in it just seems stale. You long for change, but deciding to move is not easy.

Here are some things to consider before you pack your bags:

Does the Idea of Meeting New People Excite You?

It’s normal to fear the move. It’s a new place full of new people. You might even have to find a new job. It’s as if your security blanket has been taken away from you. But underneath all that fear, does the idea of living somewhere new excite you? Have you been longing to live in the city and have, in fact, asked for moving company quotes before? If there’s more excitement than fear, then go ahead.

Does It Offer a Better Quality of Life?

It’s not necessarily about a salary increase, but if the place you’re moving to can make your salary go further, it’s certainly worth the consideration. Look into jobs available in the area. Some states are understaffed in certain industries, which means your skills might be highly valued. Another important factor is the form of recreation available. You should have options to unwind; otherwise, it’s just another place that will make you feel stuck.

Will It Inspire You?

Writers sometimes move to a new city to get inspiration for their book. Aspiring artists move to Los Angeles to be closer to their dream. An art lover might want to live in a place steeped in art and culture. Certain cities have that charm that kicks you into gear. Walking the streets daily is what puts a smile on your face, and living there seems like the natural thing for you to do. If this is the case, fighting the move is just like fighting yourself.

Who wants to live in a place you’ll be bored with? When deciding to move, your happiness and contentment come first.

Yes, You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning — Here’s Why

Carpet Being Vacuumed

Carpets are nice to have, but it is not common knowledge that they can be hard to truly clean. Given the right conditions, carpets can hide a lot of dirt and become unsanitary. There are some things that owners must remember about cleaning carpets and rugs.

The following are some recommendations from A Cleaner Carpet:

Why Clean the Carpet

Carpets comprise fibres woven together for soft flooring material. Carpets have been like this since the dawn of time. The reason for making carpets was to allow people to stand on something clean or cleaner than the dirt underneath.

The fibres are also reminiscent of grass which is kind to the feet. However, because of what it is, it traps dirt and grime. Carpets darken due to the accumulated dirt.

What is sad is that the dirt between the fibres rubs against one another. This slowly, but irreversibly damages the carpet. It is not enough to run the vacuum cleaner across the carpet to clean them.

The Right Tools

Simple vacuuming does not work. However, there is a technique to using the vacuum to clean the carpet. To properly clean carpets, slowly run the vacuum across the carpet, and repeating it several times.

A regular sized room takes about 15–20 minutes of vacuuming to remover up to 80% of the dry dirt on the fibres. This should be at least twice a week.

If the carpet is still under warranty, it is best to call a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpet properly. Most warranties state that the carpet should undergo professional cleaning once every 1 or 1 1/2 years.

The lack of regular professional carpet care might void warranty. Professional steamers should also go through the carpet every six months or more often if there’s a pet dog or cat in the house. The steaming will help remove tough dirt and stains on the carpet.