Dose of Vitamin Sea: Packing Hacks for Your Next Beach Trip

two women jumping on a beach during sunset

The majority of people spend their holidays at the beach for three to seven days. Sometimes they go for a weekend trip or are fortunate enough to get a house for a full week. The only downside with your upcoming beach party in Sentosa is the time spent for packing.

Little did you know that there is a way to get all of your packing done an entire day before you leave. Most girls tend to overpack, and you are probably guilty of doing this. The secret is to pack multi-purposeful pieces and to prepare your wardrobe weeks before.

Wear cover-ups, bathing suits, dresses, skirts, jeans and white tees. Carefully inspect your outfits, change what you do not like and ensure that you bring your white tee no matter what. It is a basic piece that will go well with anything.

What to bring

If you have to buy something for your trip, get this over with as soon as you can. Besides your go-to outfits, here are some travel necessities to take with you:

  1. Buy, borrow or download a good beach book
  2. Necessary medicines
  3. Skincare or cosmetics
  4. Travel size toiletries
  5. Feminine hygiene needs
  6. Stain remover wipes
  7. Consider buying magazines and sunscreen on the beach

What to do

A couple of days before your trip, finalise your wardrobe for the entire trip. Here are a few reminders:

  1. Bring less than three pairs of shoes because they assume a lot of space in your suitcase and are quite heavy.
  2. Your outfit choices should be made up of mostly neutrals. You can always add colour using your pashmina or jewellery.
  3. Pack versatile items that have different functions, like a tunic as a cover-up during the day and as a going-out top at night.
  4. Do not consider bringing high-maintenance ensembles, such as silk tops that require you to iron it.

The packing process does not have to feel stressful as long as you know what to pack and you do not leave everything last minute. By planning, you will get more excited to don your favourite outfits once you get there.

3 Smart Tips to Remember When Visiting Singapore

Whether it’s your first time or second time in Singapore, there are several travel tips you need to remember so you can make the most of your trip to the Little Red Dot. Here are our top 3. Use them wisely so you can maximise your trip.

Always, always buy your attraction tickets online.

There are many attractions in Singapore that you need to allocate your time well. Planning your itinerary will allow you to enjoy the best Singapore has to offer in each attraction. But more so, tourists and locals are advised to always buy their Singapore attraction tickets online. There are many exclusive online deals and attraction packages offered to people who buy their tickets in advance.  Moreover, this allows you to bypass the long queue and breeze through the entrances without much fuss. Whether you are travelling with a partner or travelling with a big group or family, always buy your admission tickets online, especially the two-day passes.

Bring your water bottle.

The Singapore weather can get hot. So it’s advisable that you wear loose-fitting outfits but do carry a shawl so you can visit the religious places without much worry. While there are many ice treats around the city, people are advised to bring their water and water bottle. Bottled water can get expensive in Singapore, depending on where you buy. For instance, if you buy it in hawkers or convenience stores, you can save a few dollars, but if you buy it in themed parks, it can get pricey. You do the maths. If you bring your water bottle and refill it whenever you can, you’ll have more money to spend on souvenirs.

Don’t miss out on the “street” food.

There are hundreds of trendy restaurants in Singapore, but a local would gladly and proudly tell you that the best eats are found in the streets, particularly in hawker centres. Don’t miss out on savouring delectable foodie dishes in hawker centres. Eat where the locals eat and you’ll soon realise why Singaporeans are intensely proud of the hawkers.

See You in SG

Keep these tips in mind and have a great time in SG. Do research online for the best tourist attraction packages you can buy in advance so you can also budget accordingly.

Types of Buses You Can Rent out for Events

Bus on a highway

One of the most comfortable travel options for groups — yet often forgotten — is charter buses. Bus hire is the perfect solution for family vacations, business trips, weddings and school trips. It is an inexpensive and convenient travel option for groups of varying sizes. Here are some options to choose from for charter bus services, according to Mona Vale Coaches (from which you can hire buses in Sydney).

Deluxe Motor Coaches

This is the ideal choice for local group shuttles and large group charters. Used for long-distance land travel, it allows large groups to travel in one trip. Seating capacity is usually 50–60 passengers. It has reclining seats, restrooms, and PA systems. Wi-Fi, leather seats and power outlets are available in some rentals. It is a good option for wedding parties, business groups, and travelling athletes.


Minibus charters suit small groups. It could be wedding parties, property tours, shuttling employees, groups moving across airport terminals, hotels and work sites. The seating capacity is typically 20-30 passengers. Like deluxe motor coaches, minibuses are typically equipped with reclining seats, radios, PA systems, and TVs. It has no restrooms on board, though.

Party Buses

Commonly chartered for bachelorette and bachelor parties, weddings, birthdays, and pub crawls, party buses are the final bus type on this list. The seating capacity ranges from 12 to over 30. The bus is climate-controlled with an entertainment system, leather seats, champagne coolers and in some buses, restrooms. They are the ideal party ride.

When looking for the perfect bus, you should consider the company, drivers, and the buses themselves. The bus should be well maintained and comfortable with qualified and competent drivers. A reputable bus hire company should offer competitive rates. Plus, they should have the proper certifications according to safety regulations.

Why a Coach Hire is Your Best Option When Touring Australia in a Group

Tour bus parked at a tourist parking lot

Australia is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. The country boasts a diverse culture and a wide range of attractions that lure tourists from around the world. Whether you are into travelling or you are looking for a perfect holiday destination, Australia should be on top of your list.

Your trip to the Land Down Under is never complete without a coach hire service. Touring across Sydney, for example, requires a well-maintained vehicle. This will allow you to reach your destinations fast and avoid the hassle associated with public transportation. It is ideal if you are travelling with your family or a large group of friends.

Bigger Need Not Be Expensive

One major concern with travelling in a group is the transportation cost. This is particularly true for Australia, which is a big country. Domestic air travel is not practical not just because of the high costs involve, but also because of the time consumed going to and leaving the airport.

Touring Australia need not be expensive because you have the option of getting hiring a coach from a reputable transport company. Under this set up, you can arrange to charter a vehicle that is big enough to transport large groups of people all across Australia at a fraction of the cost of air travel. Depending on the size of your group, there is a charter vehicle to suit your needs.

Four Reasons to Hire a Coach

1. It is affordable, comfortable and convenient. Travelling by land is less costly. You do not have to deal with turbulence and cramped seating. In addition, you can do multiple stops during your trip.

2. It is spacious. You can find a vehicle that can accommodate your group.

3. It is safe. Reputable transport companies employ professional, skilled and courteous drivers to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable road trip experience.

4. You see more of Australia. When you travel by land, you enjoy the journey because you can see everything along the way. You can stop to take photos of magnificent views or eat somewhere. After all, you are a tourist and that is what tourists do.

There is so much fun in travelling, especially if you do it with a group. You can always travel without spending too much. Just look for the best coach hire provider in Australia and prepare for a wonderful journey.

Taking the Kids for a Field Trip? Visit the Sydney Opera House

Concerts, plays, dances—and children’s attractions? It turns out the Sydney Opera House is not just for the mums and dads but also for children. It offers many great activities that your kids can enjoy for a day trip.

When your child’s school is planning to take them on a field trip, hire a bus or coach charter in Sydney and ask them to visit the City’s iconic destination. You can do the following things when you visit the Sydney Opera House.

Watch a Live Performance

The Opera House also has productions that are for children. They can also vary, so there is something that can pique their interest. There is Bennelong, which is a Dance and Music of the Forest. These shows will run beginning in July.

Participate in a Digital Tour

This is a children’s program designed to inspire, motivate, and cultivate curiosity, creativity, and imagination. Each of the tours includes a guide who can explain the concepts, though teachers can also work closely with them. This is helpful if you want the guide’s discussion to be in line with the current school lessons. The lecture includes interactive activities; so many children would find it interesting.

Explore the Surroundings

Near the Sydney Opera House are equally beautiful attractions kids should not miss. They can walk around the Opera House to see the gorgeous view of the harbour. You could also ride the ferry and see the unique roof design from a different vantage point.

Pick a Good Coach Charter

When you need to travel together, you could hire a coach charter in Sydney for your day trips. Find one that knows the landmarks by heart and who can drive you in comfort and safety.