The Italian Alps: Where a Great Vacation Awaits Every Tourist

view of the alps with people snowboarding and skiing

The Alps is an impressive mountain range that occupies ten countries in Europe. Some of the most beautiful and unforgettable places in the world are to be found on its foothills and mountaintops. There is something wonderful awaiting the intrepid traveler in the Alps.

For backpackers

The Italian Alps is an excellent location for hiking especially with Alpenwild designated trekking areas. The city of Turin in the West Alps is a great place to start. In the Northern Alps, the Dolomites is an incomparable site. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is still part of the Alps, but its unique features will make you think you are in a fantastical location.

When you decide to go on foot in these mountains, there is one fabulous scenery after another. It is quite impossible to pinpoint one best area in the Alpine environment, so it if is your first time, you might as well enjoy the journey and worry less about where to go exactly. Nevertheless, maps are available online, and you find out with a cursory search which places come most highly recommended.

By the lake

Many holidaymakers choose Lake Como as their vacation spot in Italy. Not all of them are hoping for a glimpse of George Clooney, who spends his holidays there. The shoreline is lined with villas, and villages with breathtaking architecture are just a few minutes’ drive away. If you do not feel like mixing with the glamorous crowd, spend your holiday at Lago Blu instead. The Blue Lake sits at the border between Switzerland and Italy. You will find great satisfaction staring at the reflection of the Matterhorn on its crystal surface.

Lastly, if you have to choose a couple of towns to visit to experience alpine beauty and hospitality, then put Veneto and Bressanone on your list. You can spend quiet days in these towns, or enjoy every sight and sound they have to offer. Are you ready to finalize the itinerary?

Ready to Travel: 5 Things You’d Be Silly to Forget to Pack

Travel Essentials

Getting ready for a trip would require certain materials. It could be such a hassle to lack an important item during a trip. Here’s a closer look at the essentials to pack on a trip and why you need them.


According to, cars such as pick-up trucks, a canopy would be necessary. Covers like canopies protect the vehicle from outdoor elements, especially if there are perishables at the back of the car. Covers such as tents would also be essential in case the group will be camping outdoors.


For travels at night or in poor visibility, lights would prove beneficial. Being able to see where you’re headed would prevent road accidents from happening, which could have fatal consequences. Lights can be used when you’re doing tasks at night, such as reading a map, cooking food or washing.


Food is also a necessity for trips, especially long-distance ones. If you know that the route to your destination would be interstate highways with a few decent diners, you’ll need to pack food to eat while on the road. Because these are perishables, pack food in an airtight container so it won’t spoil quickly.


Loose change or spare bills would come in handy, especially if you’ll stop by a diner or gas station that doesn’t use credit. Make sure the money is in a secure place so that you won’t misplace it.


Obviously, clean clothes are a must in any trip. Make sure each member of the family or travelling group has their own clothes ready.

A trip would require essentials like lights, food, money, covers, and clothes. This is something that families or travelling groups need to remember, the next time they’ll embark on a trip. Once you note what to bring, your travel won’t get ruined.

Yes, Metro Manila Driving Can Be Bearable — Follow These Simple Tips

Manila Philippines

There are plenty of ways to go around Metro Manila, Philippines. There are buses, jeepneys and taxis. There are also several car-hailing apps that also offer ride-sharing options.

However, one of the best ways to get to know the Metro is pretty simple: rent a car and drive one yourself. When staying in the city for an extended time, having a vehicle is very convenient. However, you need to take not of a few things.

Prepare for heavy traffic

Traffic is a daily condition in the city. As such, be ready for it. If you have way-finding apps, such as Waze or Google Maps, they suggest routes according to current traffic conditions. The suggested ways might have longer distances, but they are usually will be faster than going on the main roads.

You should also be familiar with one-way roads and re-routing. It is easy to get lost even with way-finding apps. You could also ask directions from locals or road authorities. If you can’t find your way, a rule of thumb is to drop by a gas station, where you can get a lot of help.

Consider other vehicles

Driving can seem like an adventure sometimes. There are generalizations about traffic in certain cities, and Manila traffic is no exception.

Never drive in the bus lane — it’s illegal and, not to mention, rude. It may seem faster, but driving beside the buses can be intimidating. Watch out for motorcycles and scooters, too. They will try to pass you on your left and your right.

At intersections, be patient in giving way to pedestrians — again, it’s the law. The number coding system is also strictly enforced. Understand what days you may drive and if there is a window time.

Driving in Manila can sometimes be stressful. However, with proper preparations, it can also be a great experience as you make your way around the metropolis.

What First-Timers Should Know about Going on a Cruise Trip

Luxury Cruise Ship

You may have been thinking about that Tauranga tours cruise ship package in New Zealand for quite some time now, but your inexperience often makes you hesitant to grab the opportunity and book a ticket or two.

Many service providers can help you in planning your first cruise trip, so consider the advantages of hiring them to turn your vacation into a memorable adventure. You will need to arrange an airport transfer if driving to the port is not possible.

First-Time Tips

Booking an accommodation for a cruise is quite similar to a hotel room reservation. A room with an ocean view is more expensive than inside cabins yet cheaper than rooms with a balcony. Those who tend to be seasick should choose rooms near the centre of the ship or those on the lower deck. You may have better chances of finding the best-priced rooms with the help of a travel agent.

Cruise ships have likewise become more lenient with their wardrobe policies, so you may not have to wear a cocktail dress or suit to dinner. Likewise, a cruise ship package normally includes meals for the duration of your stay.

New Ships

Choosing a luxury liner by yourself will probably be more difficult in the next few years. By 2027, there will be 100 new ships travelling across the globe. Ask your family and friends who have gone on a cruise trip, especially now that more Kiwis spend their vacation on luxury ships.

As of June, Kiwis splurged $434 million on cruise travel, including tips for waiters and waitresses. You will not need to worry about giving tips each time someone attends to your request, as many cruise ships automatically add them to your total bill.

A great cruise trip for the first time starts with a well-planned transportation route to and from the port. You would not want to miss the sailing date just because you forgot to book a chartered service.

How Much Does it Cost to Relocate in Sydney?

George St in Sydney at nightThe price of a home in Sydney and small details such as driver’s licence should be on your checklist before you plan to move into the city.

For this year, housing prices per square metre in the city centre and outside the city now cost around $13,000 and $8,800, respectively. Monthly rental prices may cost more than $2,000 for city apartments, while those outside Sydney cost around $1,380.

Sydney Relocation

If you plan to relocate from within New South Wales, consider self-storage solutions such as sheds here in Tamworth, NSW. This would be a better choice for those that want to keep furniture and other personal items indefinitely, without needing to bring them to their new home.

Your driver’s licence issued from another state in the country would be valid for three months in Sydney. After that, you would need to apply for a new one. This rule also applies to foreign nationals that intend to live in the city, as long as they already cleared other requirements such as visa conditions.

Expat Check List

Expats that plan to work in Sydney should take note that most employers pay their works once a month, which is commonly during the 15th day. Foreigners can reduce the long wait by starting a few days before this time of the month.

Otherwise, you may have to wait for almost two months before getting your first paycheck. It is also rare to find furnished rental apartments, so expect to buy your own washing machine and refrigerator.

Living in the city for a few months without a car may be more of an advantage since apartments with parking spaces are hard to find in Sydney.


The cost of living in Sydney can be expensive, although high salaries can offset this. Be sure to ask for advice, preferably from someone who lives in the city.