What First-Timers Should Know about Going on a Cruise Trip

Luxury Cruise Ship

You may have been thinking about that Tauranga tours cruise ship package in New Zealand for quite some time now, but your inexperience often makes you hesitant to grab the opportunity and book a ticket or two.

Many service providers can help you in planning your first cruise trip, so consider the advantages of hiring them to turn your vacation into a memorable adventure. You will need to arrange an airport transfer if driving to the port is not possible.

First-Time Tips

Booking an accommodation for a cruise is quite similar to a hotel room reservation. A room with an ocean view is more expensive than inside cabins yet cheaper than rooms with a balcony. Those who tend to be seasick should choose rooms near the centre of the ship or those on the lower deck. You may have better chances of finding the best-priced rooms with the help of a travel agent.

Cruise ships have likewise become more lenient with their wardrobe policies, so you may not have to wear a cocktail dress or suit to dinner. Likewise, a cruise ship package normally includes meals for the duration of your stay.

New Ships

Choosing a luxury liner by yourself will probably be more difficult in the next few years. By 2027, there will be 100 new ships travelling across the globe. Ask your family and friends who have gone on a cruise trip, especially now that more Kiwis spend their vacation on luxury ships.

As of June, Kiwis splurged $434 million on cruise travel, including tips for waiters and waitresses. You will not need to worry about giving tips each time someone attends to your request, as many cruise ships automatically add them to your total bill.

A great cruise trip for the first time starts with a well-planned transportation route to and from the port. You would not want to miss the sailing date just because you forgot to book a chartered service.

How Much Does it Cost to Relocate in Sydney?

George St in Sydney at nightThe price of a home in Sydney and small details such as driver’s licence should be on your checklist before you plan to move into the city.

For this year, housing prices per square metre in the city centre and outside the city now cost around $13,000 and $8,800, respectively. Monthly rental prices may cost more than $2,000 for city apartments, while those outside Sydney cost around $1,380.

Sydney Relocation

If you plan to relocate from within New South Wales, consider self-storage solutions such as sheds here in Tamworth, NSW. This would be a better choice for those that want to keep furniture and other personal items indefinitely, without needing to bring them to their new home.

Your driver’s licence issued from another state in the country would be valid for three months in Sydney. After that, you would need to apply for a new one. This rule also applies to foreign nationals that intend to live in the city, as long as they already cleared other requirements such as visa conditions.

Expat Check List

Expats that plan to work in Sydney should take note that most employers pay their works once a month, which is commonly during the 15th day. Foreigners can reduce the long wait by starting a few days before this time of the month.

Otherwise, you may have to wait for almost two months before getting your first paycheck. It is also rare to find furnished rental apartments, so expect to buy your own washing machine and refrigerator.

Living in the city for a few months without a car may be more of an advantage since apartments with parking spaces are hard to find in Sydney.


The cost of living in Sydney can be expensive, although high salaries can offset this. Be sure to ask for advice, preferably from someone who lives in the city.

Tourist Spotlight: The Various Attractions of Alexandria, VA

Woman holding paper bags looking happyJust a few minutes away from Washington, D.C. Located along the Potomac River. Nationally designated historic district. Well-preserved colonial-era buildings, cobblestone streets, and red brick sidewalks. The adopted hometown of the George Washington.

If these still aren’t enough to convince you to visit Alexandria in Virginia, then check out the city’s other attractions that make it a great tourist destination.

Shopping and Dining

Like most tourist destinations, the city has many shopping and dining establishments. At its specialty stores and restaurants, however, you’re in for a unique experience. From antique home décors to handmade jewelry and high-fashion clothes, the shops sell various rare items.

When it comes to dining, the mostly independently owned restaurants in Alexandria, VA, offer a variety of chef-driven cuisines, such as Mexican food. Plus, since many of these restaurants are in repurposed historic buildings, you have the chance to dine in centuries-old structures.

Art and Entertainment

Aside from being a historic center, the city is also an art and entertainment hub. Include in your itinerary a stop at the world-renowned Torpedo Factory Art Center, which hosts The Art League School, two workshops, seven galleries, and 82 studios.

For entertainment, you could go to The Birchmere or The Carlyle Club for music and MetroStage or The Little Theatre of Alexandria for theater productions.

History and Architecture

Of course, the city’s intertwined history and architecture are yet another attraction. A good place to start your tour is King Street, the popular district in Alexandria’s historic center called Old Town. There, you’ll find numerous structures with historical significance.

Two of them are Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, which was said to be George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s hangout spot, and Carlyle House, the city’s only 18th-century stone mansion and once the residence of Alexandria’s co-founder John Carlyle.

With the wide-ranging tourist attractions Alexandria has to offer, for sure, you’ll find one that’ll truly appeal to and satisfy the traveler in you

Make It Unforgettable: 4 Ways to Host a Unique Bridal Shower

girls at a bridal shower

Most girls, upon hearing the news of their best friend’s engagement, would already think about their dress or how they would want to fix their hair. Don’t be one of those girls who completely miss the point of their maid-of-honor or bridesmaid duties.

In every checklist that you’ll find, one of your most important responsibilities is co-hosting the bridal shower. Here are some tips for throwing a unique bridal shower that your friend would never forget.

Plan early.

If you plan the bridal shower at the last minute, there’d be a higher chance that most people you invite would be unavailable. So gather the rest of your woman entourage and plan way ahead of time. Also, you’d have more options since you can have more budget given a longer preparation time.

Make it an unforgettable adventure.

You can make it exclusive for the girls, but most bridal showers nowadays are also becoming co-ed. No matter what you decide on, make it something exciting and adventurous. You don’t have to go very far. You can simply drive to a snowboarding park near Chicago for the weekend. If the bride-to-be loves the outdoors, this would be something that she would appreciate better.

Make it last for more than a few hours.

Bridal showers are usually a one-night event, involving naughty games and drinking sessions. But if you want to make it more memorable, you can plan a whole day event or even a weekend getaway. You know that once your friend marries, her priorities change. It wouldn’t be as easy to ask her to go out-of-town for a few days, so take this opportunity to do just that.

Don’t have uninvited guests.

Don’t commit the mistake of inviting people who are actually not invited to the wedding. You don’t want to cause any tension and awkward scenario because of this. Get a copy of the couple’s guest list from your friend’s partner. Limit the guests not only to the bride-to-be’s friends and family but also the groom’s.

Your maid-of-honor or bridesmaid duties start even before the day of the wedding. Your friend chose you because she trusts that you will be with her all throughout. There is no better way to celebrate this friendship than hosting the most thoughtful bridal shower for her.

Four Safety Tips for a Memorable Family Road Trip

safe driving

Spending time planning for a road trip with your family is a great way to spend your weekend. That is why ensuring their safety should be your priority.

Aside from looking for dependable road safety products manufacturers, there are other ways on how to provide a safe road trip. Here are some easy steps on how to practise safety precautions on your travel.

1. Prepare your vehicle

You need to properly prep up your vehicle a month before your trip to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. You may try to check the tyre pressure, lights, oil, spare tyres and especially the brakes.

2. Rest well before the trip

As the designated driver for the trip, you need to get at least eight hours of sleep before you go on a trip. According to statistics, at least 100,000 accidents happen each year because the driver was either drowsy or fell asleep while driving.

You may want to switch off with another person so that you can take a rest for a little while.

3. Get an emergency kit

An emergency kit is a must-have, particularly if you are planning on a road trip. Ensure that you have enough water, a flashlight, some warm blankets and a first-aid kit handy in case you need it.

4. Have enough sun protection on hand

You will undoubtedly get exposed to the heat of the sun even while you are inside the car. So, it is essential to bring the necessary protection against the sun’s harmful rays. You may want to prepare enough sunblock and sunglasses for each of your family to ensure that they are well-protected.

Everyone’s safety should be your priority. It is critical to keep your eyes on the road while driving to ensure that everyone’s safe during the trip. You may also want to prepare all the emergency contact numbers on speed dial if you need it.