Choosing a Flatmate the Easy Way

two men looking at each other's screen

It has been a dilemma for many uni students or even young professionals: choosing a flatmate. While many takes the process lightly, it is essential that you should find someone who is complementary to your character.  When you are living with someone for quite some time, it will be better if both of you have similar likes and dislikes.

Whether you are planning to live in a posh flat or an accommodations complex for students in London, the rules for choosing a flatmate remain the same. Here are some ways to find the most suitable flatmate.

1. Outline the qualities you want in a flatmate.

You surely will not want to live with someone you will argue with constantly. Make a list of qualities you expect. If you are a neat freak, you surely do not want to live with a slovenly flatmate. If you love sleeping early, you will surely want to live with someone who likes quiet.

2. Choose someone who can afford to live in your chosen accommodations.

Splitting the rent is one of the most sensitive issues when it comes to living with a flatmate.  You should pick someone who will not be a problem when the rent is due. You should also outline a comprehensive agreement when it comes to payments to protect yourself from liabilities.

3. Ask them about their hobbies and interests.

Is your potential flatmate a dog lover? Are they a fan of loud music? You should ask about their activities and interests, so you could set your expectations when it comes to how both of you will use the communal areas.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to pick the right flatmate. Once you find the right person, you may want to outline a flatmate agreement to avoid problems in the future.

How to Get Your Confidence Back After Hair Loss

bald man touching head in front of mirror

Whether it’s a medical condition or a sign of aging, hair loss hurts. Because society has expectations about beauty, losing hair can be hard. Hair length is a significant point in attraction. In fact, studies say that men perceive women with long hair as being healthier. Meanwhile, people associate men’s baldness to undesirable traits like impotence.

But sometimes, you can’t help hair loss.

In men, hair loss may be the result of genetics and the hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Most Caucasian men go bald eventually: 50 percent to 60 percent start losing their hair by the age of 70. But a defect in the androgen receptor gene is what causes premature balding.

Alopecia areata occurs in both men and women. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation says alopecia areata affects 2% of the population. In this case, the body attacks its own hair follicles, causing hair to fall out in round patches.

Chemotherapy can be another cause of hair loss. Alpha Micropigmentation cites other health issues like thyroid, and autoimmune disorders as causes of hair fall out. As a result, hair loss can have a lasting psychological impact and damage to self-confidence.

Getting your confidence back

The first step is making peace with your baldness. Your confidence despite it is the only cure for hair loss.  Having confidence is attractive. Once you choose not to let hair loss beat you down, you control the situation.

This is how you start building back your life. With confidence, you can start doing anything that you would have been doing if you had your hair. You can study, work, and socialize just the same. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you, with or without hair.

Keep in mind that how you feel about yourself is more important than how you look. Accomplishing your goal doesn’t need to involve hair. It merely entails a whole lot of confidence.

Raise Funds in Style: Three Ideas to Choose From

Table setup for a fundraising dinner

In the upscale New York, organizing a fundraiser is a two-pronged affair. First, you are helping the underprivileged. Second, it becomes a social event where some of the most important people in the city attend. As such, it is essential that the whole activity will be seamless and beautiful—the type that the attendees will talk about after the event.

If you are tasked with such a job, the pressure is on you. But you don’t have to let the pressure get the best of you. If you are brainstorming with your team and still do not have a viable idea, here are some of the events ideas that you may want to execute.

An Exclusive Dinner

If you want to keep it simple, dinner will suffice. After all, socialites want some low-key but entertaining gathering. But you can give this a twist. Put on a show by flying in a renowned chef so more people will come. For exclusivity’s sake, be sure that the menu contains not only the chef’s best recipes but also some of their dishes that are yet to debut.

An Art Show

People love art, as it intrigues them and engages their minds in an intellectual exercise. If it is possible to have some classical art pieces, then you can charge a higher price for tickets. But if it is not possible, contemporary art pieces will do; this is a good idea, as people can quiz the artist about their work.

A Private Concert

A private musical concert, whether contemporary or classical, will surely be a hit among your prospective attendees. With this idea, you need to find a venue or event space in New York that has an excellent acoustic system.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when organizing an upscale fundraiser event. Your guests should not just think of the event experience, but also the reason this is being done.

Kids Booster Car Seats: The 3 Main Kinds

child sitting on car seat

Your child’s safety is paramount regardless of the place and situation. Most parents, however, let their child’s car safety take a backseat during vacation. There might not be enough room to pack your baby’s car seat for the vacation, but this should not be an excuse.

You can utilize a child car seat rental during your vacation. For kids weighing 80-100 pounds who have outgrown forward and rear facing car seats, the booster seat is perfect for them. Here are the various types of booster seats you can rent.

Highback Booster Seats

These have a back for your child’s neck and head support. Some highback booster seats have an adjustable headrest with a built-in shoulder belt adjuster for improved comfort. You can also remove the back on some models. A highback booster seat is the best option for vehicles with low seat backs.

Backless Booster Seats

These are like specialized cushions for children. They raise your car’s seat to enhance the seat belt fit on your child. All backless booster seats come with a seat belt guide to show you how to place the seat belt over your child’s body correctly.

Some have armrests that serve as seat belt guides and enhance your child’s comfort.

Combination Seats

These can act as 5-point harness car seats or belt-positioning boosters. To use them as belt-positioning boosters, you remove their harness then use your car’s seat belt to secure the child. The back is typically not detachable on combination booster seats.

From the above booster seats, you can enjoy your vacation with an assurance your child is safe when you travel. When using any booster seat, ensure the seat belt or harness touches the child’s chest and shoulders. The lap belt should also rest flat and low on top of your child’s thighs.

Buying VS. Renting Equipment: Which is Better?

One of the important prerequisites of any construction work is having suitable construction equipment for the job. However big or small the planned structure is, the right machinery will make for a smoother operation on the site.

In such cases, you always have the option to buy your own equipment. If you have long-term use for certain pieces of equipment, outright purchasing makes more sense. But if purchasing expensive machinery isn’t a viable option for you, and you’re only looking to use the machines for a limited time, then you can consider looking at places like Hire Direct that lets you hire equipment that you need.

Hiring vs Buying Equipment

In the construction industry, a rule of thumb is to purchase the equipment only if you need to use it at least 60% of the time. In case of lesser use, hiring equipment is often the best choice.

To simplify your decision, approach the operation in two ways: if you have several projects lined up, buying the equipment may be feasible. On the other hand, if the equipment is only needed for a few projects phased several months apart, renting equipment will be cheaper.

Another reason for hiring construction equipment can be the lack of well-trained staff to operate your own fleet of construction machinery. Training and safety costs of operating heavy machinery can be unbearable, making it a more cost-effective option to hire the equipment you need alongside the services of licensed operators who are fully trained in the use of that equipment. This ensures that your construction project completes on time and with little to no risks.

Equipment rental companies keep updated and well-maintained machinery in stock. They are familiar with the best options in construction equipment and can provide you with the right solution for your construction requirements. You will not only be able to learn about the latest machinery options but also choose the most cost-effective solution for your needs.