Before the Big Day: Where to Propose?

So you want to ask for her hand, and it honestly makes you feel anxious and unreasonably fidgeting. But hey, you might want to stay put because you haven’t chosen a place for your engagement proposal. Truth be told, it’s one of the most stressful things to do. If you do it right, you will surely be someone that other guys should admire.

If choosing the proposal venue proves to be quite daunting for you, there are some tips that can make it much easier for you. Before you go to these places, AAA Jewelers reminds to make sure that you have your engagement ring from Salt Lake City with you.

The Place Where You First Met

This will surely be romantic for both of you, especially if she is the type who keeps track of the details about your relationship. Don’t make it too obvious if you choose to propose in this place. Don’t try to blindfold her or invite her to a fancy dinner. Otherwise, she’ll surely get a hint. Just keep it low-key and classy.

Her Favorite Restaurant

If you both go on regular dinner dates, it may be the perfect time to ask for her hand. In the restaurant, you might want to pull off a surprise. For one, there will be a musician to serenade her. You can also choose to have some closest friends and family members come over. Whatever you do, never attempt to put the engagement ring in her wine glass of plate. It’s dangerous!

Her Childhood Place

If you have the time and the resources, this could be a perfect choice. This is especially true if her childhood is memorable for the best reasons. You can have a set-up there and gather some of your closest friends and family members.

Choosing a place for your proposal is of utmost importance. It not only sets the vibe of the act, but it also dictates how the moment will be remembered or cherished.

Buying a New Home? How to Go About It

Your home is easily one of the best investments you’ll ever make. It is also probably the costliest. Given the immense responsibility that comes with owning a home, it’s crucial that you get everything right from the start. Here’s a list of what to do along the way.

Choose Your Mortgage Carefully

If you’re like most homeowners, it’s likely you’ll need a mortgage to finance your new home. Since this is something you’ll pay for some years, it’s important that you find friendly mortgage rates in Salt Lake City before making your final decision. Visit several lenders such as Community Lending Group, to compare their rates, and then go for the best deal.

Work with a Professional

It’s likely that you have an idea of the house you intend to buy. However, your search for the ideal house would be much easier if you work with a reputable real estate agent. A good agent will point out several suitable options, so you pick which one appeals to you best. They will also help you out in any legal or other processes involved in purchasing a home.

Think Long-Term

You’ll probably own your house for decades, so it’s important that you make the right purchase. Think of factors such as the neighborhood, the location, and if there are developments in the area that could affect the value of the property in the future.

Keep Emotions out of the Buying Process

While it’s certainly important to buy a home that appeals to you, focus on more realistic factors such as the home’s current value. Stick within your budget and keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for the home’s maintenance.

The home buying process is a very delicate one. Do your best to make the right choice so you can find the right home for you.

Expanding Your Dental Practice: How to Advertise and Grow

Dentistry is a popular field, as it answers a need every person has. Hence, there is stiff competition among practitioners. As the practice of dentistry is under a regulatory system, there are fewer avenues for marketing available than other non-regulated fields.

However, there are still ways to make your practice more accessible. Try these suggestions.

Emphasise your uniqueness

Your practice shares some attributes and features with others, but there are some unique offerings too that you may do better than anyone else may in your area. Whether you specialise in one or two services or offer plenty of them, people must know about it.

What you can do is market those advantages to the right clients, and your practice may enjoy more visits.

Choose your advertising programs

Dental practices often do not make use of traditional advertising, so carefully choose which advertising strategies fit your practice. Advertising a dental practice is stronger online, so choose an agency that can supply what you need in reaching out to your niche. Dominate Dental is one of these agencies.

These are the services they can offer: handling your social media content, creating a newsletter for your facility, and maintaining your website, among others.

Offer financing options

Your practice probably accepts insurance, but do also offer other payment options. Think about taking personal checks, cash, credit and debit payments. You may also work with an agency to provide special financing options. More clients are more likely to visit you if they know they have more options to pay.

Engage your clients

Learn to engage your patients. Treat them as friends or family, know them personally and provide genuine concern and care. Patients often return to a service provider they trust and feel comfortable with. They are also more likely to recommend your services to people they know.

Do not forget to attend seminars and get more education and training to expand your knowledge and let you offer even more services. By following these suggestions, you can have more opportunities to offer your services to more people.

Great Things About the Rodeo People Love

Rodeo events would always be teeming with individuals coming from a host of locations and different walks of life. There are great reasons they join rodeo events. If you have not yet gone to this affair, then you are missing a lot.

Here are some of the reasons you should go on your first rodeo.

Time to dress up

You cannot just go to the rodeo wearing your regular work wear or the casual clothes that you use to go to the mall. You have to be a cowboy or cowgirl! Indeed, many people find the rodeo a chance to live out their lifelong dream of being a cowboy and say, “Yeeha!”

The rodeo is the time to wear the finest pair of boots that you have, choosing a belt buckle that is simply huge it catches a lot of attention. Of course, you need to have that crisp cowboy hat.

Some people look for straw cowboy hats for sale, which they consider as less warm than the traditional leather hats. Having completed the getup, you are now ready to join in on the fun.

The exciting competitions

People get thrilled when the event is full of an electrifying sense of danger. Yes, the games held in rodeos mostly have that feeling of uncertainty that will leave you at the edge of your seats. Imagine a cowboy hanging on for dear life while the huge bull is trying to get him off its back.

That bareback bronc riding will have you holding your breath until the cowboy is safe on the ground. In fact, the danger associated with rodeo events is so real; some described it as a “brutal sport.” But then again, people love to see somebody overcome the danger and that is what makes rodeos truly worth it.

The great food

Since attendees at the rodeo normally get too excited, which makes them hungry after that; there certainly is a lot of food waiting for them. Yes, you can feast your eyes (and your tummy) on probably the biggest barbecue ever!

Now it is becoming quite clear why the rodeo draws a lot of people every time. You can consider it a convergence of tradition, food and even fashion! When you get to join a rodeo, you will surely see and feel the excitement around you.

How Does Starvation Affect the Brain?


The body has a built in survival instinct; it what makes a person instinctively sneeze, blink, breathe and get away from the path of a vehicle. Contrast these instinctual behaviors with an anorexic; the latter starves him or herself, to death sometimes, while many may struggle to go on a diet.

Experts on treatments for anorexia from EDCare cite that the brain of a person with the disorder or have recovered from it, have subtle but substantial differences from someone who never had it.

An Anorexic Brain Responds Differently to Food

The brain of a person dealing with anorexia doesn’t respond to food stimuli, even photos of it won’t elicit a response, compared to a control group. A person that recovered from anorexia shows less brain activity when given sugar. The same group of researchers performed another test called ‘guessing game’. There were two groups, one that recovered from anorexia and another who didn’t have the disorder. This involved winning or losing money; the control group had different brain activities when they won and lost money. On the other hand, the recovered group had similar brain activity regardless of whether they won or lost.

The researchers’ findings led them to the conclusion that anorexics have difficulties distinguishing positive and negative.

Affected Parts of the Brain

An expert cites that imaging data of anorexics and those that recovered show an under active limbic system, which connects to feelings for rewards, and an under active operatic executive neural system, which links to a person’s inhibition. The expert follows this up by saying that an anorexic perceives their actions as wrong and can’t handle criticisms. They can’t learn from mistakes and experience because they inappropriately balance punishments and rewards.

One can’t overlook the potentially harmful effects of starvation caused by an eating disorder on the brain; it may distort one’s normal functions or even aggravate a current condition.