Why You Should Never Commit Bankruptcy Fraud — Potential Consequences

What happens if you got caught committing bankruptcy fraud? Well, since bankruptcy fraud is considered a federal offense, the following civil consequences could rapidly escalate and, in many cases, may be coupled with criminal penalties.

Potential Penalties for Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy enables you to make a fresh start on your life since once you complete the process, your creditors won’t be able to collect debts from you due to the court discharging your debts. However, the court would deny your discharge if they find out you committed bankruptcy fraud. This means that creditors could continue collecting from you or take you to court so that you’ll pay your debts by any means possible.

When filing for bankruptcy, you must inform the court about everything you possess. However, this does not mean that you could just keep them or use them to repay your creditors. While some of your property might be exempt, if you’re found guilty of bankruptcy fraud, the court would probably deny you those property exemptions and let your creditors take their pick of your assets.

Apart from these civil penalties, you could also face criminal penalties such as steep fines. The court could set a fine of as much as $250,000 for every count or separate fraud offense. In addition, you could also go to prison for up to five years, which is the maximum sentence for bankruptcy fraud. However, if you’re found guilty of committing multiple acts of fraud, you could face five years in prison for every offense. This means that if you committed three offenses of bankruptcy fraud, you could go to prison for 15 years, warns a renowned white collar crime lawyer in Houston.


You could likewise face probation. When you’re on probation, you must follow particular instructions for the duration of your probation, like attending regular meetings with your court-appointed probation officer and avoiding further criminal activity. Although probation usually lasts one to three years, a longer sentence is possible.

Main Things to Keep in Mind

You won’t ever need to worry about the potential penalties mentioned above if you’re planning on filing for bankruptcy and you’re not intending to commit bankruptcy fraud. On the other hand, if you were found guilty of bankruptcy fraud, regardless if you committed the offense intentionally or unintentionally, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to help you secure the best possible results for your case.

What You Need to Know about Taking a Paralegal Online Degree


The flourishing paralegal profession is rising in popularity nowadays. It is because the demand for professional assistance for lawyers has remarkably increased. Lawyers need professional staff to work with them and help them in the multitude of tasks that they need to accomplish for their clients.

Are you interested in becoming a paralegal professional? Most of these professionals conveniently graduated from their studies through paralegal online degrees. What is this course, and how do you take it?

How to become a paralegal

Becoming a professional paralegal assistant requires that you have an associate degree in paralegal studies. You can obtain such degrees by enrolling in a qualified education program, designed for people who want to study at their pace for whatever reason.

Who can attend these programs?

People who cannot attend conventional university classes may opt to enroll in an online degree program. Students who have commitments such as child care responsibilities and part-time jobs benefit from these programs.

Overseas students seeking professional education from reputable universities also use these programs for effective distance learning.

What is in the degree programs?

The online degree programs train paralegal students in various legal principles. Students learn concepts such as law fundamentals, legal writing and research, legal ethics, trial basics, corporate law, international law, recordkeeping, and other related subjects.

Online degree programs are flexible enough and offer students the freedom of studying anytime, anywhere, and at their pace. They have access to reading materials and lectures through their laptops or home computers with Internet connection.

Some course providers include various media material like DVDs and CDs to supplement their student’s online learning experience.

Completing a paralegal associate degree (or a higher bachelor’s degree) is an important stepping-stone if you wish to become a successful paralegal professional. Through courses designed for online study, you will be able to reach your goals successfully at your pace and in the convenience of your home.