What You Should Know About Debt Collection in New Zealand

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No one likes debt. Whether you owe money or someone owes you, debt can be stressful. If someone owes you money and you have a hard time collecting, a debt recovery lawyer may come in handy.

New Zealand law can be difficult to comprehend for someone who is not a lawyer. Here are some things you should know about debt collection.

The contract

In most cases, you give out a loan or extend credit to people and expect they will pay you back. However, you may have a hard time collecting on the loan if you do not say so in writing. You should state in a loan agreement or terms of trade what will happen if the person who owes you money does not pay you in time, or at all. This could include repossessing of property or any fees you might charge in addition to the money owed.

Putting this clearly in the contract is important in case you seek legal recourse. A debt recovery lawyer can advise you on what you should put so that the contract drawn up follows New Zealand laws, such as the Credit Act.

The dispute

In some cases, the person who owes you money might dispute the debt. He or she may say that someone else is responsible for the debt, that the debt is not legally enforceable, or that the amount is not right. If this happens, you can ask the Disputes Tribunal to settle the case if the amount involved is between $15,000 and $20,000. If it is more than that, you will have to go to District Court.

Dispute issues usually involve technical details that you may not be able to handle on your own, so have a lawyer handle these for you.

The enforcement

Getting the tribunal or court to order the debtor to pay is not the end of it. You still have to do civil enforcement on your own by applying to the court. You can get in a lot of trouble if you do not know how to handle civil enforcement legally. For example, you have to wait 48 hours after the court’s decision before you can start collecting the debt. You cannot tell other people about the debt or use threats. If you do any of these things, you may not be able to get your money back. The debtor may even take legal action against you. Having a debt recovery lawyer handle civil enforcement keeps you safe from legal issues.

Debt collecting in New Zealand is stressful for everyone involved. While you can do most of the things a debt recovery lawyer will do, you may make costly mistakes. Hiring a lawyer to advise you every step of the way can keep you from getting into legal trouble.

Divorce Among Older US Couples on the Rise Since the 1990s

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Your retirement plan should include a budget for a likely divorce, as more people in their 50s and above have decided to dissolve their marriage since the 1990s.

Otherwise known as a gray divorce, this term applies to couples who have been together for more than 20 years. It may affect your retirement fund due to the expensive legal fees associated with divorce proceedings, aside from dividing all your assets with your spouse.

Rising Trend

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau showed that 10 couples out of 1,000 people between 50 years and above divorced in 2015.

The divorce rate among senior citizens at least 65 years old and above rose almost thrice since 1990, with six couples out of 1,000 people.

There are several reasons behind a long-term couple’s decision to split, such as discovering that they no longer have something in common. Some empty-nesters also find out that their children were the only thing that kept them together.

Still, a divorce after 2018 will be more expensive and difficult due to certain changes in taxes for alimony payments.

Unhappy Union

Ken Neumann, New York City’s Center for Mediation and Training director, said that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would compel some couples to stay married against their will. By 2019, alimony payments from the spouse paying are no longer subject to tax.

Divorce lawyers here in Suffolk County, NY may explain how this will complicate a divorce settlement. Most lawyers believe that the tax incentive to paying spouses serves as one factor for easier negotiations.

While recipients are not subject to alimony payments taxes, paying spouses may choose to pay a smaller amount due to the new tax code.


Legal counsel should be your priority whether or not you are in the middle of a gray divorce. Would you be able to afford the new system on alimony payments?

Can You Be Selected as a Juror?

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The Sixth Amendment makes sure that anyone facing a minimum of six months of imprisonment for a criminal offense gets a jury trial. Film has much documented courtroom drama involving jurors throughout history.

In the real world, being a juror is not a glamorous role, but something any civic-minded American does to assure the defendant that a fair trial. They will still need, though, the help of capable lawyers for their criminal defense in Provo, UT.

Attorneys representing the prosecution and the defense help in picking the final lineup of jurors. They do so through the process of elimination — removing each candidate they think might not be receptive to their case.

To help lawyers choose whom to remove from the pool of potential jurors, they look at the following factors:

The person’s background

If a case is about police brutality, the court will most likely remove anyone from the pool who might have a close relative or friend who is a police officer. Attorneys will be looking to eliminate any bias or prejudice that a juror may have with either the prosecution or defense.

Bias against the legal system

A potential juror who expresses a strong dislike for authorities because of a personal experience will not make it through the vetting process. What lawyers look for are people with an open mind.

Political orientation

You might not be aware of it, but your posts and shares on social media could be reflecting your bias for certain political issues. Likewise, the groups you join on Facebook can also indicate what your political leanings are. Again, a biased juror is always a no-no.

Strong religious beliefs

Especially today when there is heightened tension when it comes to race and religion, lawyers would not want a juror who will not be able to pass objective judgment because it will go against their beliefs.

These are not the only things attorneys watch out for when vetting potential jurors. Even a person’s clothes, hairstyle, and body language can be deal breakers because, for them, these things represent the candidate’s overall state of mind.

Planning to Adopt as a Single Parent? Here’s What You Need to Know

Mom reading with her child

While most health experts agree that it is ideal for a child to be raised by a couple, it is not always possible to find such parents. This has led to an increase in the number of single parents wanting to raise kids on their own. Adoption is among the most convenient means of acquiring a child, and your single status shouldn’t be an inhibition towards this cause.

Available options

Different paths lead to adoption. You can opt to find the birth parents of a child and hire an adoption attorney in Colorado Springs to complete a private agreement. On the other hand, you can decide to adopt from an agency or a foster care system. These adoption venues have different pros and cons, and you need to weigh each one of them to find the ideal option for you.

Need to hire specialists

Before your child arrives, you need to spend some time researching about specialists who can help you bring them up. For instance, you might need a daycare provider, an occasional babysitter, a pediatrician, a dentist, a therapist and a spiritual leader. It is also important to consider who would take care of your child in the event of your demise or incapacitation.

Moreover, consider securing an alternative means of earning (not necessarily a second job) to cater efficiently for your kid in case you suffer financial difficulties. Doing these things beforehand is central to your attaining enhanced focus on your growing family.

Network of support

It is essential that you create a close network of family members, friend and other parents who can periodically offer you support. These people will not only help to look after your kid when you are at work or when you need a break, but they might also guide you through some vital decisions, especially if this is your first child.

Adopting a child requires careful decision-making and adequate preparation. It takes a village to raise a child, and finding sufficient support will help you raise your child with little or no difficulties.

Preparing for an Exam: Effective Tips for Reviewing

A paralegal studying for an exam

Exams—no matter how small—can cause stress. This is the time many students panic and rush up and down their notes to review. It’s in this state of confusion, however, that some find themselves having reviewed so little on the exam day.

So, how can you maximize every minute of your review time? The Center For Legal Studies shares some tips to help you prepare for your exam.

Find a conducive study space

This is the first thing you ought to do. Ensure you find or create a good study space that is void of any distractions. It could be a school or public library, your dorm room, under a shade in your school’s compound, etc. Make sure that you have access to the materials you need to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Start early

Most students have a habit of waiting until the last days for them to review. You can also find yourself in such a predicament if you keep procrastinating. By starting your review early, you can save yourself the agony of the last-minute rush. One sure way of doing this is by making reviews a routine. Have a set goal especially for your tough subjects. Also, try spicing up your review by coming with unique ways of memorizing facts.

Have a study schedule

Just like most things in life, reviewing needs proper planning. Have a timetable drawn and make sure that you religiously follow it. Plan it according to your goals and the amount of workload you have. Also, consider the time you deem yourself most productive and slot the hard subjects there. This is also the best time to let your friends and relatives know that you need some time alone.

Preparing for your forthcoming exams doesn’t have to be a herculean task. Just follow the above tips, and you will be sure to cover most of your work and still have time left to relax with family and friends.