All the Reasons You Need to Start Your Own Brokerage Business

A businessman analyzing his business performanceStarting your very own business, regardless of the size, can be quite the scary undertaking. However, it is also one of the most exciting and rewarding ventures you can ever take. Reaching success as a business owner means reaping great rewards – benefits that you most likely will not enjoy if you choose to maintain your status as a wage earner until you retire. Besides, with Australia boasting of one of the world’s strongest economies, you are at an advantage when you open shop here.

There are many different markets and niches that you can choose from, but as someone who has a deep and profound interest in commercial real estate, you should consider brokerage. Here are just a few reasons you should use this interest, plus your knowledge and skills, to build a commercial real estate empire:

Countless opportunities

Just like you, there are so many other people interested in becoming their own bosses. For most of these individuals, it means setting up their own physical brick and mortar shops, which means gaining access to office or commercial spaces. As a commercial broker, you can provide these customers with the help and assistance they need in finding the optimal location for their own enterprise.

Availability of franchising services

Your limited finances may be the only thing restricting you from starting your own commercial brokerage business. In this case, know that you will find reputable firms specialising in solutions aimed to finance broker franchise businesses. Franchising, as long as done and implemented right, can serve as the solid and stable stepping stone you need as you make a name for yourself in the commercial brokerage industry.

There are plenty other reasons to start a business in Australia, particularly one that delves into its continuously growing and thriving commercial real estate market, but the two detailed above should be enough to interest you.

How to Keep Your Workforce Healthy

A motivated employee at work

Rewarding your employees accordingly and taking care of them can result to a happy workplace. When the workplace is happy, productivity, as well as enthusiasm, increases, leading to favourable results and success.

One of the factors that keep employees on their toes is good health. Only a strong and healthy body is capable of working, facing problems, coming up with solutions and achieving goals a hundred percent.

Here are tips for managers to keep the workforce in good shape:

Provide them with encouragement

Encourage your employees to see their family doctors regularly to monitor their health. You can also set up healthy tip boards in your office where employees can access articles on staying fit. Schedule a team lunch once or twice a month where you and your employees can share healthy dishes.

Ensure the use of safety gear

If your business is related to construction, for instance, always make sure that your employees work with safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, construction hearing protection devices, hard helmets and other important apparel needed for the job.

Conduct weekly exercise programs

Hire a fitness coach or a yoga instructor to work with your employees either during break time or after work. About 20 to 30 minutes of yoga and exercise not only lowers stress but also helps your employees reach their specific health goals. You can also start the workweek with a short exercise to uplift your employees’ spirits.

Be a good boss

How you treat your employees affects their entire being. One move can either bring them down or keep them on the positive track. Choosing the latter is important because you do not want tired, overworked and angry employees with unhealthy minds who can pull your business down. Choose to be a positive, understanding and patient boss who knows how to mentor and listen to concerns.

Want to Invest in Real Estate? Try Multifamily

Real Estate

Despite going through fluctuations, real estate remains to be one of the best ways to invest and grow your money. First, the land resource is finite while the demand for it continues to increase. Furthermore, you have many ways to make your property a money-making machine. You can have it rented, converted into a commercial space, or sold through flipping for a handsome profit.

You are also fortunate to have various kinds of properties to choose from, and these include multifamily homes.

What Are Multifamily Homes?

These are residential units clustered together inside a building or group of buildings within a complex. Some of the common examples are apartments and condominiums.

Many investors these days are choosing these properties for different reasons. One is their flexibility. You can convert them to retirement communities or rentals. Later, you may upgrade them into a nice accommodation for travelers. Of course, cash flow is more stable since you have many units up for grabs.

How to Finance It

You can build a multifamily home or buy an existing building. Either way, it is not going to be very cheap for you. Fortunately, financing can be more flexible and even easier.

One of the advantages of buying a multifamily home is a possible quick approval of the loan because of the property’s more robust monthly cash flow. You may also qualify for a Freddie Mac multifamily loan provided by different financial firms like Bonneville Multifamily Capital.

Freddie Mac is not a lender, but it provides funding access to lenders. In turn, it provides you, the borrower, with more flexible and even cheaper loans to build or buy your multifamily units.

Although you cannot borrow directly from the government, you can look for a correspondent lender of Freddie Mac in your area. They have the knowledge, skill, and connections to hasten your application process and make it more pleasant for you.

Getting the Right Employees on Board with a London Recruitment Agency

Waiting job applicants

It does not matter the kind of business you are in; having the right people in the right job positions is crucial for achieving business success.

That is, exactly, what using the right London recruitment agency such as KennedyPearce Consulting Ltd can offer you; a workforce solution for you to have the right employees when you need them.

But first, here is what to consider when looking for a recruitment agency.

What type of staffing do you need?

Do you need short- or long-term staff or are you offering a combination of both? The kind of staff you need will help you choose a recruitment agency that specialises in your field of operation.

If you are considering a permanent position, you can structure the interview questions and be part of the selection process.

Shop around

Recruitment agencies specialise in a range of small and medium to large organisations. Look at different websites what different agencies offer and at what price. It is also good if the firm can visit your workplace and get a feel of the positions that need staffing to discern the right candidate for the job better.

Understand the process of recruitment

Are the employment techniques of the recruitment agency friendly? The kind of database a firm retains dictates the kind of employees they attract. Also, better compensation rates and a benefits package attract workers of better skills and competence.

Determine the testing and screening process

Before staffing companies offer you employees, they give them skills tests and educate them on business etiquette. These tests and training may seem irrelevant, but they will determine the kind of workers you will get.

The kind of relationship you will have with your would-be staff stems from a combination of many characteristics of your new hires – skill, competence, work ethic and attitude. A credible and reputable recruitment agency can lay a huge management role in seeing you get the best employees.

Recovering from Harvey-related Damage to Property

You may have set a price for your property for sale before Hurricane Harvey, but considering how badly Rockport has been hit, your property may have taken a huge dip in value. After assessing the damage, it’s time for you to do damage control.

Here’s a checklist before you get back to selling your house:

Check the Roof

Real estate in Rockport, Texas can fetch a good price because the place is a perfect location for wealthy settlers looking for a relaxed lifestyle. This also means, however, that they want a property that reflects their quality of life. As a seller, you want your property listed as one of the best recommendations for a prospective buyer, and this means ensuring that every part of the house is in good condition. Check that the roof has not sustained major damage from Harvey, and if it did, consider re-roofing. Use quality materials when you do so–your clients will frown upon cheap roofing materials even if the rest of the house looks good.

Inspect the Basement

Lots of areas had to deal with massive flooding because of Harvey, and if your house is in a flood-prone area, your basement needs a thorough inspection. You may not easily see water damage, especially if there was, miraculously, no massive flooding involved, but some hidden spots could have leaks. These spots may invite the presence of mold, which will give you more headaches in the future. Have an expert check for signs of water damage and mold, to be sure of the state of your house.

Replace Windows

Damage to property may include smashing of glass due to strong winds. These need replacement as soon as possible, to keep your house secure. Even if the damage was not that severe, however, if you notice water or moisture getting in through a closed window, you may need to have them resealed or custom-fitted. Don’t forget to weatherstrip everything.

Damage to property affects a home’s value severely. Be ready to do some repairs before you entertain prospective buyers.