How to Make Your Business Meetings More Productive

Team having a huddle

If planned properly, meetings are powerful business tools that can give you an edge in the market and let you grow your business. However, having too many of them amounts to a waste of time and resources.

The last thing you wish to see is a horde of your employees spacing out as they lounge on your conference room furniture from Whiteleys Office Furniture. Instead of paying attention to the ongoing presentation, half of your workforce is busy doodling on their notepads. At the end of the presentation, the audience gives a half-hearted applause, and it marks the end of the high-profile meeting.

The experience leaves you questioning the need to hold the weekly meetings. If you’re having a hard time capturing the attention of your audience, then it’s time to rethink your approach.

Refine Your Presentation Skills

While Jill from accounting would readily gobble up a presentation that’s overladen with costs and operations, Mark from advertising would space out. The key to an interesting and enjoyable presentation begins with you defining the target audience. You need to find an overlap between all persons in attendance and craft a presentation that addresses all their interests.

Also, you might want to narrow down your audience and address the most relevant people. Such an approach eliminates pointless meetings that only amount to a waste of time. In the case of brainstorming sessions, have everyone prepare their ideas in advance. That way, you’ll have a bunch of concrete, well thought out ideas to work with.

Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings

Forcing workers to attend countless meetings is an exercise in futility. In fact, it amounts to the third leading waste of time in the working. But meetings are not necessarily bad, well, that’s if you do them right. At their best, meetings are an effective business tool that solves problems, exchange information, and enable you to review progress.

Instead of calling for a meeting on specific days of the week, hold them when necessary. Cutting down on unnecessary meetings give the few ones you hold meaning, and it makes employees value them. Instead of just another period wasting, you make each session productive and worthwhile.

While meetings play a crucial role in growing a business, you need to approach them with great caution. Holding too many of them amounts to a great waste of valuable time that could be best spent elsewhere.

American Diner Style Set Lunch at the CBD is a Hearty Fare

Clam Chowder

Singapore CBD is a busy hub of activity throughout the day. For the busy businessman eating lunch is a wise choice. It is not hard to find a set lunch at the CBD. For tummy filling and mouthwatering meals, a menu of modern cuisine is a welcome treat. On any busy day, ordering a hearty soup like clam chowder can do the trick. It is thick, heady, hearty and filled with shellfish goodness.

Two or Three Courses

There would be days when a client meeting continues over lunch. This is quite common in the CBD. For impressive meals which don’t break the budget, two-course meals can be had for $19, while three courses go for $25. There are choices for starters, mains and dessert as well. Set lunches are an easy and fast way to get served, in an American diner type restaurant. This is different from the other choices in the CBD area.

Clam Chowder

It is not often that a Singapore restaurant would have clam chowder on its menu. Less common is Pacific Coast Clam Chowder on any menu. One of the most iconic of American soups is the clam chowder, the most famous of which is the Boston or New England clam chowder. Besides the clam, it is made with cream or with whole cream milk, resulting in the white soup. For vegetables, it only has potatoes.

This simple recipe does not have a lot of leeway in terms of taste and texture but is distinctly Boston and New England. On the other hand, although less well-known, there is the Pacific Coast Clam Chowder. It has potatoes and clams and is thickened with flour and butter. What differentiates this from other clam chowders is the bacon. Thyme is an optional item giving it a hearty, aromatic taste. For full body, white wine is also added.

Having a hearty meal in the middle of a busy day is vital to get past the stress and tension of work and business. Having clam chowder in an American style diner at the CBD can help relieve work-related stress and gets one ready for the rest of the day.

Landing Your Dream Job Quickly

Dream job text

After spending a significant amount to get a college degree, it’s now time to join the job market. Unlike being in a structured school environment, you’ll be living in a fast-paced world with no safety harnesses. However, this should not put a damper on your job search efforts.

You only need to formulate a plan to guide your efforts and to pursue avenues with a great return on investment. With a little effort, you can kick off your search for food processing human resources job opportunities in Modesto in high gear.

Polish your skills

Most graduates mistake their grades for skills, and this leads them to have a hard time looking for a job. While stellar grades are the hallmark of academic achievement, you need to go the extra mile to stand out. In most cases, employers look for employers who are capable of solving problems and providing solutions in the quickest or simplest ways possible.

Therefore, you need to show that you’re indeed capable of solving all sorts of problems to make your application count. For example, if you’re looking to break into the lucrative human resources field, seek opportunities that can help improve your people management skills.

Highlight your achievements

Once you’ve worked hard to acquire and polish the relevant skills, it would be unfair not to place them on a pedestal — well, sort of. Instead of listing all the job opportunities and duties that came with them, just highlight your achievements and get rid of the unnecessary ones.

For instance, instead of listing your duties as a summer camp organizer, narrow down the actions you took to make it a success. You want your organizational skills, empathy, compassion, and diplomacy to come shining through. These skills are critical when managing a large group of people in a working environment, so better take note of them.

As the competition heats up in the job market, you need to refine your application strategies to make your application stand out. You stand a better chance of success by improving your skills and highlighting your achievements.

3 Tips on Selling Fixed Annuities

Graph showing investment growth

Convincing someone to invest in something is difficult. People always have many questions and may opt out of the whole thing in the end. One must devise a strategy that works for the clients and leaves them satisfied and happy with their decision. discusses three ways to ensure that the investment deal goes through.

1. Trust

When potential investors approach an agent, they are looking to get good, valuable advice. If the agents are selling fixed annuities, they must forge a rapport with the client first. The clients must trust the agent before they can commit to the idea or even listen past the introductory part of the pitch. This is extremely important in closing a deal.

2. Simplicity

Do not dumb it down per se, but don’t bombard the client with technical words as well. They will lose interest because they do not understand what you’re saying. Or, they will think that the agent is showing off. Even worse, they may think that the agent is just regurgitating a brochure. Neither of these is good. Use simple language and explain everything in detail. Be gracious about answering questions.

3. Understanding Fixed Annuities

Understand the subject matter and learn how things work. This will help when the client asks for clarifications. Explaining everything will help the clients understand what they are getting into. It will help in addressing concerns and answering questions easier. Know the risks of fixed annuities as well, and then find out how to avoid or survive them.

One way for people who sell fixed annuities to get business is through referrals. Once the clients see that the agent understands what he is selling and is trustworthy, they will recommend him to their friends.

Revving Up with Renewables: Why Investing in Renewable Energy Helps the Environment

Tree and the earth

According to a report by CNN, the occurrence of killer heatwaves is rising due to climate change. This threat means that populations should cut down fossil fuel emissions to lessen these effects of climate change.

An environmental solution that’s gaining momentum is the use of renewable energy in more households, as well as vehicles. This means using energy sources like sunlight, wind, and biofuels instead of non-renewable sources like fossil fuel.

As an individual, here’s what you can do to contribute to this and other environmental causes.

Invest in Renewable Energy

home energy audit franchise provider explains that those interested in starting a business could choose a renewable energy franchise. By doing this, you would be providing renewable energy options to people in your community and informing them about its importance.

Cut Down on Emissions

For homemakers and employees, you could also do your part by cutting down on emissions when using your car. You can commute or use ride-sharing services instead, or get a car that runs on renewable energy. Business owners could also cut down emissions by making industrial plants use renewables instead of burning coal.

Volunteer in Environmental Activities

Many companies and organizations today engage in environmental efforts, such as tree-planting, coastal cleanups, and e-waste collection drives. If you have spare time, you can participate in such activities with your friends, family, or just by yourself. By volunteering, you lend an extra hand to these efforts as well as set an example to your social circles.

Conserve Energy

Lastly, a simple contribution is to conserve energy, whether it’s at home or in the office. Turn off appliances that aren’t in use, and refrain from overusing computers and air conditioning systems. This is something both adults and kids can do every day and on their own.

Climate change is becoming more serious and palpable of an issue, as heatwaves are predicted to happen more frequently in the coming years. For this reason, experts advise people to do their part in restoring the environment. This could be done by investing in renewable energy businesses, cutting down emissions, or environmental volunteering. Doing so will enable you to rev up and traverse the road to a renewable future.