Forms of Joint Property Ownership

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While real estate is currently the most lucrative investment, the considerable monetary injection required locks many investors out of the available opportunities. As such, some choose to invest in conjunction with others. Though this eases your financial burden, it comes with various legal issues.

Choosing to handle the transaction without a reputable real estate attorney from a law firm in Denver, Colorado might leave you with buyer’s remorse and huge losses. One of the aspects an attorney will help you handle is the form of joint property ownership of your investment. Here are your available options:

Joint Ownership with the Right of Survivorship

In joint ownership with the right to survivorship, you own an equal right to the property and can possess, rent, occupy, or use it. Upon your death, the property passes on to the surviving owners without passing through probate. Hence, you cannot transfer the rights of ownership of this property in a will or trust to beneficiaries.

Tenancy in Common

TIC ownership, as it is commonly called, arises when two or more people own one property but have separate titles to it. Each property owner does as he or she wishes with his or her property’s interest. Upon your death in a tenancy in common, your property share passes to the beneficiaries you name in your trust or will.

Tenancy by the Entirety

A tenancy by the entirety exists between a wife and a husband. It provides additional protection to the property owned in marriage. One spouse has to consult the other on decisions affecting the property. The entire property automatically belongs to the surviving spouse after the death of the other. A tenancy by the entirety is recognized in a few states.

The primary benefit of the forms of joint ownership mentioned above is an effective solution for passing on a property after an owner’s death without probate. Your lawyer will recommend ways of coordinating your chosen property ownership form with your estate plan. This way, your survivors will not suffer lengthy court battles over the inheritance of property after your demise.

The Italian Alps: Where a Great Vacation Awaits Every Tourist

view of the alps with people snowboarding and skiing

The Alps is an impressive mountain range that occupies ten countries in Europe. Some of the most beautiful and unforgettable places in the world are to be found on its foothills and mountaintops. There is something wonderful awaiting the intrepid traveler in the Alps.

For backpackers

The Italian Alps is an excellent location for hiking especially with Alpenwild designated trekking areas. The city of Turin in the West Alps is a great place to start. In the Northern Alps, the Dolomites is an incomparable site. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is still part of the Alps, but its unique features will make you think you are in a fantastical location.

When you decide to go on foot in these mountains, there is one fabulous scenery after another. It is quite impossible to pinpoint one best area in the Alpine environment, so it if is your first time, you might as well enjoy the journey and worry less about where to go exactly. Nevertheless, maps are available online, and you find out with a cursory search which places come most highly recommended.

By the lake

Many holidaymakers choose Lake Como as their vacation spot in Italy. Not all of them are hoping for a glimpse of George Clooney, who spends his holidays there. The shoreline is lined with villas, and villages with breathtaking architecture are just a few minutes’ drive away. If you do not feel like mixing with the glamorous crowd, spend your holiday at Lago Blu instead. The Blue Lake sits at the border between Switzerland and Italy. You will find great satisfaction staring at the reflection of the Matterhorn on its crystal surface.

Lastly, if you have to choose a couple of towns to visit to experience alpine beauty and hospitality, then put Veneto and Bressanone on your list. You can spend quiet days in these towns, or enjoy every sight and sound they have to offer. Are you ready to finalize the itinerary?

Video Production: an Effective Online Marketing Tool

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Online marketing uses a lot of tools, such as apps and websites. One of the most critical and useful tools for a marketer is video production. It has grown and diversified since the first short clips were sent via e-mail more than 20 years ago. For online marketing professionals in Bromley, the question is how to use this tool to increase views and clicks effectively.

Growing Media

Video production has become the backbone of social media campaigns. Most people who have social media accounts use their cellphones for both taking pictures and for creating videos. This is a large market because those who post cellphone videos also enjoy watching videos made by others. Facebook, along with Instagram and Twitter, has made video production an integral part of their content. YouTube remains the second most popular search engine based on the number of daily searches. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption will continue to double every year for the foreseeable future. In terms of volume or bandwidth, videos will constitute 80% of Internet traffic in 2019. Expect online marketers to use videos to garner more viewership clicks.

Marketing Through Videos

Online marketers depend on videos for effective campaigns. Sending e-mails with attached or linked videos triples the click-through rate. Also, up to 90% of customers confirm that videos help them buy products or services. Almost two-thirds of online customers buy something after watching a video about it. YouTube remains the largest video-sharing site, but there are other sites for videos, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Livestream.

On the other hand, Facebook, the world’s largest social media site, has embraced video production to compete against YouTube. These tools have given Internet marketers a wide range of video options. The popularity of videos makes them a compelling choice for reaching audiences, no matter what social media site is used.

Internet marketers use videos as a cost-effective method to reach audiences. Their goal to make customers like and share their content is made easier with compelling videos.

Property Managers: Do you Need One?

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A property manager is someone who takes care of your rental property on your behalf. They are your representatives and handle day to day operations as well as troubleshoot problems. Because they are responsible for the overall welfare of the property, such professionals often stay in the rental venue.

However, not everyone agrees with the idea of having a property manager. But deciding whether or not you need one can be tricky, especially if this is your first time. This guide will help you determine if you need a property manager to help you with your North Shore rental.

So, the question is, when do you need to hire a property manager?

Rental property proximity

One of the main reasons why owners hire property managers is because of their proximity to the rental property. Driving three hours to solve an electrical issue in your rental property is costly, not to mention a hassle. Thus, if your home is not close to your rental unit, then having a property manager would be a wise choice.

Number of units handled

As much as you want to be a hands-on owner, it is not possible. Thus, if you are managing more than two units in different locations, hiring some professional help is a practical, not to mention convenient move.

Experience (or lack thereof)

Do you have experience in managing rental properties? If not, then hiring one would be recommended. If yes, then you might opt to forego this option or choose it because you know how much burden will be lifted off if you hire one.


Hiring a property manager does not come cheap. But if your property is doing well and you have the budget to employ one, then feel free to do so and enjoy the perks of having one.

Still confused if you need to hire one? Think of the points listed above as honestly as possible. It will help lead you to the right answer.

Three Basic Things you Need for Your First Fishing Expedition

a man on a fishing trip

A recent report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service shows that 101.6 million Americans or 40 percent of the U.S. population participated in wildlife-related activities last year, such as hunting, fishing, and wildlife-watching.

The survey indicates that such activities are behind an economic powerhouse where participants spent $156 billion.

The increase in such activities would encourage some to try out such activities. Have you got all the essentials needed especially if you want to go fishing? Here is a checklist you should go through, to make your first fishing a success.

The Gear

Apart from the used fishing boats that are for sale that you can buy at D&R Sports Center (Boats Center), you also need the gear.

Be sure to have the following: rods/reels, tackle carrier containing all your terminal tackle, line clippers, needle-nose pliers, landing net, extra spool of line, measuring tape, towel for your fish, and weight scale.

If you are in Michigan, there are fishing stores you can visit to get them.

The Clothing

You can’t just go fishing if you are also not fully equipped with the right clothing. You need to at least have waterproof boots, deck shoes, gloves, life jacket, long-sleeved shirt, long underwear, convertible pants, and socks.

The Right Body of Water

Fishing also needs one’s knowledge of the water. If you are still testing the waters, ask around local fishing enthusiasts on where to best fish for beginners.

Fishing is also a hobby you need to learn over time and not overnight. But if you’ll put your heart into it, you are sure to do well, and you’ll never know you’ll make a career out of it.