Video Production: an Effective Online Marketing Tool

Online marketing uses a lot of tools, such as apps and websites. One of the most critical and useful tools for a marketer is video production. It has grown and diversified since the first short clips were sent via e-mail more than 20 years ago. For online marketing professionals in Bromley, the question is how to use this tool to increase views and clicks effectively.

Growing Media

Video production has become the backbone of social media campaigns. Most people who have social media accounts use their cellphones for both taking pictures and for creating videos. This is a large market because those who post cellphone videos also enjoy watching videos made by others. Facebook, along with Instagram and Twitter, has made video production an integral part of their content. YouTube remains the second most popular search engine based on the number of daily searches. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption will continue to double every year for the foreseeable future. In terms of volume or bandwidth, videos will constitute 80% of Internet traffic in 2019. Expect online marketers to use videos to garner more viewership clicks.

Marketing Through Videos

Online marketers depend on videos for effective campaigns. Sending e-mails with attached or linked videos triples the click-through rate. Also, up to 90% of customers confirm that videos help them buy products or services. Almost two-thirds of online customers buy something after watching a video about it. YouTube remains the largest video-sharing site, but there are other sites for videos, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Livestream.

On the other hand, Facebook, the world’s largest social media site, has embraced video production to compete against YouTube. These tools have given Internet marketers a wide range of video options. The popularity of videos makes them a compelling choice for reaching audiences, no matter what social media site is used.

Internet marketers use videos as a cost-effective method to reach audiences. Their goal to make customers like and share their content is made easier with compelling videos.