Basic Facts about Network+ Certification Every IT Professional Should Know

Network Plus or Network+ is a medium-level authentication for all network technicians. IT network technicians often need to prepare themselves for a CompTIA network+ n10-007 examination to get a certification.

Here are a few facts about the CompTIA Network+ and why it’s necessary:
It tests the skills and knowledge of a network technician

According to the Indiana University, the Network+ examination tests the knowledge and ability of an aspiring network technician in terms of installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and supporting an IT network. The exam also tries to test their knowledge when it comes to various phases of networking technologies, such as the OSI design and the TCP/IP.

The certification is not limited to PCs and Windows

Although the previous versions of A+ certification examinations often focused on supporting Windows-based laptops and desktops, the current examination has now changed its focus in IT support. Based on an article posted on CompTIA, the 900 series primarily focus on supporting a network technician’s ability to access any information on any type of device. In addition, the current certification currently includes the skills and knowledge related to Linux, Apple OS X, Windows Mobile, and Android.

Cybersecurity is now the primary focus

The growing awareness of the importance of IT Security is the primary focus of all businesses nowadays. The most recent CompTIA A+ recognizes the role that technical support plays in securing an organization’s digital information. Cyber-attacks continue to evolve, so is the depth of understanding required of a technical support expert.

These are just some of the facts that you need to know about the Network+ certification. Choose a company that offers the training and knowledge needed for the exam and the job at hand. Working with a company that has developed various training programs regarding Information technology is a great way to prepare for the certification exam.