Raise Funds in Style: Three Ideas to Choose From

In the upscale New York, organizing a fundraiser is a two-pronged affair. First, you are helping the underprivileged. Second, it becomes a social event where some of the most important people in the city attend. As such, it is essential that the whole activity will be seamless and beautiful—the type that the attendees will talk about after the event.

If you are tasked with such a job, the pressure is on you. But you don’t have to let the pressure get the best of you. If you are brainstorming with your team and still do not have a viable idea, here are some of the events ideas that you may want to execute.

An Exclusive Dinner

If you want to keep it simple, dinner will suffice. After all, socialites want some low-key but entertaining gathering. But you can give this a twist. Put on a show by flying in a renowned chef so more people will come. For exclusivity’s sake, be sure that the menu contains not only the chef’s best recipes but also some of their dishes that are yet to debut.

An Art Show

People love art, as it intrigues them and engages their minds in an intellectual exercise. If it is possible to have some classical art pieces, then you can charge a higher price for tickets. But if it is not possible, contemporary art pieces will do; this is a good idea, as people can quiz the artist about their work.

A Private Concert

A private musical concert, whether contemporary or classical, will surely be a hit among your prospective attendees. With this idea, you need to find a venue or event space in New York that has an excellent acoustic system.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when organizing an upscale fundraiser event. Your guests should not just think of the event experience, but also the reason this is being done.