Kids Booster Car Seats: The 3 Main Kinds

Your child’s safety is paramount regardless of the place and situation. Most parents, however, let their child’s car safety take a backseat during vacation. There might not be enough room to pack your baby’s car seat for the vacation, but this should not be an excuse.

You can utilize a child car seat rental during your vacation. For kids weighing 80-100 pounds who have outgrown forward and rear facing car seats, the booster seat is perfect for them. Here are the various types of booster seats you can rent.

Highback Booster Seats

These have a back for your child’s neck and head support. Some highback booster seats have an adjustable headrest with a built-in shoulder belt adjuster for improved comfort. You can also remove the back on some models. A highback booster seat is the best option for vehicles with low seat backs.

Backless Booster Seats

These are like specialized cushions for children. They raise your car’s seat to enhance the seat belt fit on your child. All backless booster seats come with a seat belt guide to show you how to place the seat belt over your child’s body correctly.

Some have armrests that serve as seat belt guides and enhance your child’s comfort.

Combination Seats

These can act as 5-point harness car seats or belt-positioning boosters. To use them as belt-positioning boosters, you remove their harness then use your car’s seat belt to secure the child. The back is typically not detachable on combination booster seats.

From the above booster seats, you can enjoy your vacation with an assurance your child is safe when you travel. When using any booster seat, ensure the seat belt or harness touches the child’s chest and shoulders. The lap belt should also rest flat and low on top of your child’s thighs.