The Comfort of Hiring an Online Conveyancing Service

Whether looking to buy, sell or remortgage a property, seeking the professional assistance of a licensed conveyancer is a must, especially if you are not familiar with each process. But will you go with the traditional conveyancing practice or seek an online service where you can easily ask for an online conveyancing quote?


One of the first questions you may ask is – how much should you pay for the conveyancing service? While it is true that the traditional practice offers a more personal touch, it tends to be pricier because, in addition to the legal fees you have to pay, you will shoulder other additional expenses incurred plus the conveyancing fee itself.

On the other hand, online conveyancing provides cheaper conveyancing fees compared to traditional conveyancing solicitors. Additionally, most online conveyancing service offers a fixed-fee guarantee and no-move, no-fee policy.

Upfront Total Cost

Also, online conveyancing service offers instant online conveyancing quotes, so you will get a better picture of how much you need to prepare to complete the deal. With the traditional conveyancing practice, you will only get to know the real cost when the service is completed.


It is good if you will be dealing with just one person until the deal is completed. However, since you may not be the only client, traditional solicitors usually are not available all the time if you have questions or clarifications.

Online conveyancing service provides ease of knowing the latest update whenever you want it. In addition to speaking with the team handling your conveyancing, you will also have access to an online tool where you can see the progress of the transaction.

Complex Cases

While it seldom happens, certain conveyancing cases could prove too complex for a local solicitor to resolve. A reliable online conveyancing service provides you with a hassle-free environment in acquiring or selling your property wherever you are, even for complex cases.

At the end of the day, both services will help complete the conveyancing for you simply because you do not deal with these kinds of processes every day. But which service saves you time and money?

Do not spend time making multiple appointments and visits when you are just a few clicks away in getting assistance dealing a property.