Clear Bra Provides Excellent Car Protection, with Improvements to its Composition.

A new car is a big investment that depreciates over time; therefore you need to look after it to get the best performance. The environment where the car is kept has an impact on the vehicle’s condition, whether the grime and knocks of urban use, the corrosive effects of salty sea air or the dirt and rough terrain of the countryside.

Clear bra is the ideal solution for Arizona car owners. Clear bra is a urethane film applied to your car’s exterior to protect the surface from chemical stains, mineral deposits, scratches, and chips from debris. Clear bra technology has advanced over the years. Many of the previous concerns from car owners have been addressed. They include the following:


Some car owners in the past had reservations for using clear bra owing to its risk of yellowing over time. After extensive research, industry experts discovered that this was a result of the adhesive used in binding the film to vehicles. The adhesive was oxidized with UV rays causing its discoloration. To counter this, clear bra is now secured using UV resistant acrylic adhesives which neither discolor nor oxidize.


Blistering results from air bubbles trapped under the film. The common cause of blistering is shoddy application during which contaminants are stuck under the film. Having a reputable company apply clear bra in a regulated environment considerably reduces the risk of trapping pollutants.


Peeling of the urethane film from your vehicle’s surface is typically a result of improper care. If you use a pressure washer to clean your car, you should stay not less than 12 inches from your film and more so from exposed edges. Using the pressure washer close to your film typically causes it to peel off.

Should you have any other concerns, avoid naysayers and talk to a clear bra expert. This will be the best investment you make to keep your vehicle looking as good as new for longer.