Your Promotional Products Say a Lot About Your Company

If you can put your brand name on every piece of item, would you do it? Quantity does not trump quality in this situation, and as a wise marketer, you should know that it’s better to brand the right items rather than dilute the market with substandard promotional items everywhere customers turn.

Remember these the next time you feel the urge to brand even that pencil no one uses:

What You Brand Shows Your Usefulness

It may be more costly to consider USB drives as your branded giveaways, but seeing as these are useful and will likely remain relevant for years to come, you’re showing clients that you know what they need and you are ready to provide. Branded promotional products should go beyond just putting your name out there. They should tell the customers that you are what they need.

There Is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity

That fine line between being remembered and being that annoying company that wouldn’t leave customers alone? You don’t want to ignore it. When people only view you as a hindrance, especially when on top of promotional products you have ads interrupting their precious YouTube time, you will not be taken seriously. And once they turn to social media to complain about seeing you everywhere, it will be hard to take back your good reputation from there.

Thoughtless Items Do the Opposite of Promoting Your Brand

How would people react if a clothing brand marketed their products through promotional shirts of substandard quality? Customers will immediately associate your brand with the quality of those sample shirts. You will have succeeded if you wanted to be known as the cheap clothing brand, but if you were looking for something more positive, invest in the quality of your giveaways.

It’s not enough to put your name on everything you own and call that promotion. It’s better to choose the right items carefully and protect your brand.