When to Get Help from a Personal Injury Attorney

Car accidents often result in monetary losses and personal injury. When this happens, many people choose to hire an experienced accident attorney. Those who acquired only mild injuries can opt to skip this and file a claim against the insurance company by themselves.

However, those who suffered severe injuries, loss of wages due to inability to work, and expensive medical bills should get assistance from a personal injury lawyer.

As an advocate of the injured, the lawyer will go up against giant car insurance corporations and their team of attorneys, handling all the legal work and procedural rules. Legal advisers specializing in personal injury law at feldmanlee.com emphasize the importance of hiring a professional because certain insurance companies work to reduce compensation and even dismiss the claim altogether.

Disability and Long-Term Injury

These are injuries that can significantly affect the person’s quality of life and ability to stay employed. Any injury that lasts for a year or longer and those that permanently disables the person have strong insurance claims. Proving this may be tricky, and the attorney may have to request the patient’s medical experts to attend any legal proceeding.

Refusal to Pay

This is when the insurance company doesn’t make a fair settlement or refuses to pay completely. It can be hard to chase them down especially if the claimant is injured and unable to escalate the problem.

Disputed Liability

When an insurance company disputes its liability for the accident, they’re basically saying that the claimant doesn’t have enough proof of fault and that they won’t be responsible for the damages. An accident lawyer will gather evidence for the client to show that the other party was at fault.

Accident lawyers assist and advise injury victims to receive the compensation they deserve. The legal expenses also come in contingency basis, meaning the claimant won’t have to pay attorney’s fees if they are not able to recover for the case.