Benefits of Telemedicine For Employers and Employees

Telemedicine companies using electronic communications today to provide convenient health services to their clients. Doctors can now communicate with patients via email, webcam, and phones. Patients are using electronic devices to share their heart rates, blood pressure, and other vital signs with their doctors to better manage their chronic diseases right from home.

Chiron Health shares why more employers are opting to add telemedicine to their line of services.

Lowers Medical Costs

A firm that offers telemedicine in addition to the standard medical plan is likely to save on operational costs. Physicians charge less when a phone call is involved compared to a facility visit. Many in-person visits are also avoided, therefore reducing emergency charges, facility charges, and costly in-office appointments. Simply put, telemedicine reduces the cost of healthcare for both employers and employees.

Increases Productivity

When it comes to telemedicine, an employee does not necessarily need to take a day or half day off when sick. A medical issue can be dealt in lesser time, as there is immediate access to a professional via phone or video call. The employee does not have to wait in the doctor’s office for hours or fill out forms to see the doctor. You get immediate help once you call.

Provides the Right Medical Advice

Many medical bills do not favor the patient. For instance, if an employee is involved in an accident, the medical technicians at the scene might seek the help of a helicopter service to transport the patient to a hospital. When you call a telemedicine company, on the other hand, they might seek the help of an ambulance, which might be cheaper and faster. Telemedicine professionals can also offer the right advice on where to take the patient; therefore, saving the company time and money.

Better Care

Telemedicine also allows the provision for better care in areas where medical expertise is not easily available. In some rural areas, patients have to travel long distances to see a specialist. Telemedicine reduces the time that the patient will need to see the doctor and therefore saves them travel costs.

Telemedicine is becoming a preferred medical option for employer and employees alike, as it cuts down the medical care costs and improves access to healthcare. Do not be left behind; gain access to and enjoy this popular healthcare technology.