SEO Techniques Web Designers Should Use

A team of web designersThe terms web design and search engine optimization (SEO) might have been meaningless a couple of decades ago. Today, they are central to the existence of hundreds of thousands of online businesses worldwide. The web-savvy modern world requires businesses to come up with the most innovative ways to present their offerings. As Customer Finder Marketing puts it, companies have to look for smart ways of designing their pages and decorating their promotions.

Web Design in Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, this means breaking down web design into a series of strategic tasks that complement one another and lead to a balanced user experience on the website. Naturally, web designers find themselves working on many different strategic tasks, which include content management systems, programming languages, design tools and templates, and hosting platforms.

SEO is one important aspect that designers must incorporate into their work. SEO involves a series of onsite and offsite tasks with the objective of improving the website ranking on the search engine results pages for keywords that are relevant to it.

Much of on-site SEO relies on web designers adopting the accepted best practices in website design. For this reason, one needs to incorporate many of these SEO elements at the time the website design is being conceptualized and not after the website goes live.

Mobile-Friendly Design

This is an important SEO element that is of interest to both the search engines and your website visitors. Over the past few years, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices have dominated the markets, and experts have observed a major shift in online search trends from desktop to mobile. More and more people use their mobile devices to look for products and services. The search engines may even penalize website designs that are not mobile friendly.

URL Orientation

Search engines use the information in your site’s URL to understand your website. The search engine crawlers may not discover a vague or ambiguous URL. The chances of your target audience finding you on the search engine increase with the use of the right URL. It should be simple, clean and attractive.

Website Speed

Your site’s page loading time affects your website’s SEO score. Google’s algorithms favor sites that load quickly. A web designer should optimize the site to improve the loading time.