Ways to Improve Your Yoga Meditation

Meditation yoga is one of the principles of yoga. It helps reduce your stress levels, improve concentration and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Scientific studies have shown it decreases lifestyle diseases and helps control hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Achieving a rewarding meditation experience is, however, a challenging task, which requires self-determination.

Here are some tips that when well applied over time will assist you in achieving successful yoga meditation.

Get Your Body Ready

The physical condition of your body greatly influences your mind. Prepare yourself by eating right and coming to meditate on an empty stomach. The wrong food can over-stimulate or dull your mind and make it difficult for you to meditate.

When you start meditating, your stomach should be ideally empty for a rewarding experience. Right before breakfast or dinner makes the best time for meditation.

Prepare the Mind

Convince yourself of the importance of meditation. When you start meditating, do not get up to receive phones or stop meditating at the slightest disruption. You can make your place of meditation distraction-free.

By respecting your meditation period, you will get an enriching and fulfilling experience, and others around you will learn to respect your meditation routine.

Sit Properly

Your posture affects your mind. Sit in a way that keeps your back straight, so your mind becomes alert. Cross your legs in an uncomplicated position, or a full or half lotus position. These positions not only make you alert but also provide a serene physical foundation for meditation.

These positions might seem uncomfortable initially, but as you practice and adjust to them, you will have a deeper meditation experience.


For beginners, you can start out at a yoga meditation retreat in institutions such as Vagabond Temple where you can learn all the basics of yoga meditation. Be consistent and regular in your routine and have patience.

It might take time to experience the positive changes of meditation to your spiritual life and personality. Keep practising.