3 Smart Tips to Remember When Visiting Singapore

Whether it’s your first time or second time in Singapore, there are several travel tips you need to remember so you can make the most of your trip to the Little Red Dot. Here are our top 3. Use them wisely so you can maximise your trip.

Always, always buy your attraction tickets online.

There are many attractions in Singapore that you need to allocate your time well. Planning your itinerary will allow you to enjoy the best Singapore has to offer in each attraction. But more so, tourists and locals are advised to always buy their Singapore attraction tickets online. There are many exclusive online deals and attraction packages offered to people who buy their tickets in advance.  Moreover, this allows you to bypass the long queue and breeze through the entrances without much fuss. Whether you are travelling with a partner or travelling with a big group or family, always buy your admission tickets online, especially the two-day passes.

Bring your water bottle.

The Singapore weather can get hot. So it’s advisable that you wear loose-fitting outfits but do carry a shawl so you can visit the religious places without much worry. While there are many ice treats around the city, people are advised to bring their water and water bottle. Bottled water can get expensive in Singapore, depending on where you buy. For instance, if you buy it in hawkers or convenience stores, you can save a few dollars, but if you buy it in themed parks, it can get pricey. You do the maths. If you bring your water bottle and refill it whenever you can, you’ll have more money to spend on souvenirs.

Don’t miss out on the “street” food.

There are hundreds of trendy restaurants in Singapore, but a local would gladly and proudly tell you that the best eats are found in the streets, particularly in hawker centres. Don’t miss out on savouring delectable foodie dishes in hawker centres. Eat where the locals eat and you’ll soon realise why Singaporeans are intensely proud of the hawkers.

See You in SG

Keep these tips in mind and have a great time in SG. Do research online for the best tourist attraction packages you can buy in advance so you can also budget accordingly.