Mirror Hacks: The Different Ways to Make Your Space Seem Bigger

As much as you adore your new space, it can feel cramped sometimes. Fortunately, there are methods to make your Auckland home look bigger with the use of mirrors. Auckland Glass Ltd noted that while you likely know where to hang your mirrors, they are more flexible than what you expect and can fit somewhere else. Here are ways to expand your room with mirrors:

Group Your Mirrors Together

Buying huge mirrors can be expensive and a majority don’t have enough cash to invest in it. Meanwhile, you can easily get smaller mirrors at thrift or discount stores with an affordable price tag. You can use them as is or bring out your creative juices and paint the frames the colour that you want. Hang all of these at the exact spot on one wall to ensure that it looks organised and not cluttered.

Place Mirrors Behind Your Stove

While these mirrors will eventually get a bit dirty or greasy, you can clean them up easily anyway. The area behind your stovetop is generally a dark place, which makes it an ideal spot for your mirror. You see, the mirror will bounce off any light that reflects on it. This will make it easier for you to prepare meals for your family without having to cook in a dark spot.

Turn Mirrors on Their Side

When it comes to mirrors, the trick is to use longer and skinny ones and turning them onto their sides. This will make sure that your wall looks instantly longer, avoiding the need for physical home renovations.

Stick Mirrors in Cabinet Fronts

You can use this hack for other areas in your home, but this works best in the kitchen. Stick mirror tiles onto the front of your cabinet to reflect its surroundings. Decide if you only want to glue it on the tops, on the bottom, or both. What’s sure is that it will make your small space larger than it actually is.

Mirrors can be ideal instruments that a small space owner can take advantage of. With the ideas listed here, the design possibilities are endless.