Recovering from Harvey-related Damage to Property

You may have set a price for your property for sale before Hurricane Harvey, but considering how badly Rockport has been hit, your property may have taken a huge dip in value. After assessing the damage, it’s time for you to do damage control.

Here’s a checklist before you get back to selling your house:

Check the Roof

Real estate in Rockport, Texas can fetch a good price because the place is a perfect location for wealthy settlers looking for a relaxed lifestyle. This also means, however, that they want a property that reflects their quality of life. As a seller, you want your property listed as one of the best recommendations for a prospective buyer, and this means ensuring that every part of the house is in good condition. Check that the roof has not sustained major damage from Harvey, and if it did, consider re-roofing. Use quality materials when you do so–your clients will frown upon cheap roofing materials even if the rest of the house looks good.

Inspect the Basement

Lots of areas had to deal with massive flooding because of Harvey, and if your house is in a flood-prone area, your basement needs a thorough inspection. You may not easily see water damage, especially if there was, miraculously, no massive flooding involved, but some hidden spots could have leaks. These spots may invite the presence of mold, which will give you more headaches in the future. Have an expert check for signs of water damage and mold, to be sure of the state of your house.

Replace Windows

Damage to property may include smashing of glass due to strong winds. These need replacement as soon as possible, to keep your house secure. Even if the damage was not that severe, however, if you notice water or moisture getting in through a closed window, you may need to have them resealed or custom-fitted. Don’t forget to weatherstrip everything.

Damage to property affects a home’s value severely. Be ready to do some repairs before you entertain prospective buyers.