From Arroz to Zacahuil: Springfield Serves Up Mexican Flavors

Scrumptious Mexican fares remain one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Traditionally, major Mexican dishes take hours of meticulous preparation and vigilant cooking. The hard work is justified by the joy of seeing family, friends and guests savor those hearty home-cooked meals that are simply worth the wait. From hearty caldos (soups) and steaming arroz (rice dishes) to filling zacahuil (tamales) and thick slabs of milanesas (breaded meats) down to spicy salsas. For those with a hankering for Mexican food, Mexican restaurants offer authentic Mexican munchies that can satisfy you in half the time but never half the flavors.

Springfield Mexican Restaurants

The love for great-tasting Mexican fares is alive, hot and sizzling in Springfield, Virginia, and not only because a quarter of its population is of Hispanic or Latino descent. The place is home to numerous Mexican restaurants of all types and sizes, which are instrumental in spreading the love for this cuisine. Mexican restaurants in Springfield more than fill the gap, whether it’s a time-worn longing or instant craving for a taste of Mexico.

Finding Mexico in Springfield

Whether one prefers the casual and quick-serving Antojitos (street food) such as burritos, cemitas and tacos or the sophistication of De Alta Cocina (fine dining) to enjoy cabrito (goat dish) and bistec, there is always a good Mexican restaurant to cater to one’s preference. There’s also the Taqueria (taco diner), Panaderia (bread store) and Carniceria ( a restaurant serving meat dishes as well as meat and grocery products). Whether a tourist or a local, enjoying Mexican food is always on top of the to-do list in Springfield, with its various dining spots providing a perfect complement to the popular bustling retail scene. Shopping and dining always go together in Springfield Town Center while busy transportation hubs such as Springfield Parkway, Springfield Metro, and Rail Express Station are also dotted with restaurants and diners, with Mexican fare on the forefront of satisfying choices.


As it turns out, there’s no escaping the Mexican invasion in Springfield when it comes to food, flavors and fanfare, and no one’s complaining!