Why You Should Never Commit Bankruptcy Fraud — Potential Consequences

What happens if you got caught committing bankruptcy fraud? Well, since bankruptcy fraud is considered a federal offense, the following civil consequences could rapidly escalate and, in many cases, may be coupled with criminal penalties.

Potential Penalties for Bankruptcy Fraud

Bankruptcy enables you to make a fresh start on your life since once you complete the process, your creditors won’t be able to collect debts from you due to the court discharging your debts. However, the court would deny your discharge if they find out you committed bankruptcy fraud. This means that creditors could continue collecting from you or take you to court so that you’ll pay your debts by any means possible.

When filing for bankruptcy, you must inform the court about everything you possess. However, this does not mean that you could just keep them or use them to repay your creditors. While some of your property might be exempt, if you’re found guilty of bankruptcy fraud, the court would probably deny you those property exemptions and let your creditors take their pick of your assets.

Apart from these civil penalties, you could also face criminal penalties such as steep fines. The court could set a fine of as much as $250,000 for every count or separate fraud offense. In addition, you could also go to prison for up to five years, which is the maximum sentence for bankruptcy fraud. However, if you’re found guilty of committing multiple acts of fraud, you could face five years in prison for every offense. This means that if you committed three offenses of bankruptcy fraud, you could go to prison for 15 years, warns a renowned white collar crime lawyer in Houston.


You could likewise face probation. When you’re on probation, you must follow particular instructions for the duration of your probation, like attending regular meetings with your court-appointed probation officer and avoiding further criminal activity. Although probation usually lasts one to three years, a longer sentence is possible.

Main Things to Keep in Mind

You won’t ever need to worry about the potential penalties mentioned above if you’re planning on filing for bankruptcy and you’re not intending to commit bankruptcy fraud. On the other hand, if you were found guilty of bankruptcy fraud, regardless if you committed the offense intentionally or unintentionally, talk to a lawyer as soon as possible to help you secure the best possible results for your case.

Custom Brochure Printing: What’s In It For Your Business?

In general, a brochure consists of a few pages that contain product information. Brochures come in different sizes, depending on the specific needs of your business. With the right size, format, and content, your brochure can help deliver the marketing results you want.

Having your brochures customised may increase your chances of achieving your goals. Here are the benefits that custom brochure printing offers:

A Powerful Advertising Tool

Even with the onset of digital marketing efforts, custom printed brochures are still part of many companies’ advertising campaigns. This is because those materials still work. A well-designed and organised brochure can get the response you need from your target market.


Start-ups or small businesses often operate on a tight budget. Distributing printed brochures are the most cost-effective way to complement your free marketing initiatives, such as online and digital marketing. It is not as expensive as tri-media ads and billboards. Unlike print media, where you may have to share space with other companies, your brochure will feature only your own company.

Well-Thought Out and Well-Designed

With a customised design, your brochure can capture the interest of your prospective customers. You can focus the content on what your customers want to see. Because you have enough time to prepare the content, you can ensure that your brochure will be eye-catching, concise, and informative. Coupled with captivating images, your brochure will likely prompt readers to engage and take action.

You Can Be Creative

You can let your creativity go to work, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Depending on your needs, your brochure may come in several pages like a newsletter, a menu with multiple pages, or a folded, glossy handout. Add impressive product photos for a great boost.

These are just some of the main benefits of using custom brochures. If you think it is right for you, consider the quality of the paper, ink, and design, as well as the printing company to work with. This way, you can get high quality results.

5 Important Qualities That Your Printing Service Provider Must Have

Many companies prefer to showcase their products by sending printed catalogues to existing and prospective customers. For some companies, their catalogue sales help keep their business afloat. They put a lot of effort to make sure that their catalogues are of the highest quality. Thus, it’s important to work with a reputable printer.

In Australia, printing services that offer high-quality printing are not difficult to find — if you know what to look for. What are the qualities that your printing company must have?

Willingness to Listen and are Flexible

Each customer has distinct needs and preferences. That’s why there’s no “one size fits all” solution in the printing business. The ideal company must be willing to listen to your demands, and flexible enough to make adjustments when possible.

Transparency in Pricing

The printer must include all costs, including contingencies in the quote before starting the project. You must know the full budget you need to prepare for at the onset. If you get a low quote, chances are the printer would add extra charges later.

Able to Deliver In-House

Don’t choose a printer if they will accept your orders, but would outsource the production. Getting third parties involved will make it difficult for the printer to guarantee timely and quality deliveries.

Realistic Delivery Commitment

The company must not make promises they cannot keep. A reputable company would tell you right away if they can meet your required delivery date.

Quality Delivery

Getting the job done and delivering on time is one thing. Delivering high-quality products is another. Remember that the printer’s output will reflect on your company image. Thus, the printing service must do everything possible to deliver printed materials that will put your company in the best possible light.

These are the qualities you need to look for in your printer. Working with a printer that possesses these qualities will help ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

Before the Big Day: Where to Propose?

So you want to ask for her hand, and it honestly makes you feel anxious and unreasonably fidgeting. But hey, you might want to stay put because you haven’t chosen a place for your engagement proposal. Truth be told, it’s one of the most stressful things to do. If you do it right, you will surely be someone that other guys should admire.

If choosing the proposal venue proves to be quite daunting for you, there are some tips that can make it much easier for you. Before you go to these places, AAA Jewelers reminds to make sure that you have your engagement ring from Salt Lake City with you.

The Place Where You First Met

This will surely be romantic for both of you, especially if she is the type who keeps track of the details about your relationship. Don’t make it too obvious if you choose to propose in this place. Don’t try to blindfold her or invite her to a fancy dinner. Otherwise, she’ll surely get a hint. Just keep it low-key and classy.

Her Favorite Restaurant

If you both go on regular dinner dates, it may be the perfect time to ask for her hand. In the restaurant, you might want to pull off a surprise. For one, there will be a musician to serenade her. You can also choose to have some closest friends and family members come over. Whatever you do, never attempt to put the engagement ring in her wine glass of plate. It’s dangerous!

Her Childhood Place

If you have the time and the resources, this could be a perfect choice. This is especially true if her childhood is memorable for the best reasons. You can have a set-up there and gather some of your closest friends and family members.

Choosing a place for your proposal is of utmost importance. It not only sets the vibe of the act, but it also dictates how the moment will be remembered or cherished.

Why a Coach Hire is Your Best Option When Touring Australia in a Group

Tour bus parked at a tourist parking lot

Australia is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. The country boasts a diverse culture and a wide range of attractions that lure tourists from around the world. Whether you are into travelling or you are looking for a perfect holiday destination, Australia should be on top of your list.

Your trip to the Land Down Under is never complete without a coach hire service. Touring across Sydney, for example, requires a well-maintained vehicle. This will allow you to reach your destinations fast and avoid the hassle associated with public transportation. It is ideal if you are travelling with your family or a large group of friends.

Bigger Need Not Be Expensive

One major concern with travelling in a group is the transportation cost. This is particularly true for Australia, which is a big country. Domestic air travel is not practical not just because of the high costs involve, but also because of the time consumed going to and leaving the airport.

Touring Australia need not be expensive because you have the option of getting hiring a coach from a reputable transport company. Under this set up, you can arrange to charter a vehicle that is big enough to transport large groups of people all across Australia at a fraction of the cost of air travel. Depending on the size of your group, there is a charter vehicle to suit your needs.

Four Reasons to Hire a Coach

1. It is affordable, comfortable and convenient. Travelling by land is less costly. You do not have to deal with turbulence and cramped seating. In addition, you can do multiple stops during your trip.

2. It is spacious. You can find a vehicle that can accommodate your group.

3. It is safe. Reputable transport companies employ professional, skilled and courteous drivers to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable road trip experience.

4. You see more of Australia. When you travel by land, you enjoy the journey because you can see everything along the way. You can stop to take photos of magnificent views or eat somewhere. After all, you are a tourist and that is what tourists do.

There is so much fun in travelling, especially if you do it with a group. You can always travel without spending too much. Just look for the best coach hire provider in Australia and prepare for a wonderful journey.