Get The Right Contractor for Your Swimming Pool

swimming poolFor many people, having a pool is a fulfilment of a personal dream. Visions of relishing the summer with a lovely barbecue in your backyard by the swimming area, surrounded by close friends and family, can put a smile on your face. However, that dream can become a nightmare if you hire the wrong contractor for the job. Here are some major tips to guide you through the process of selecting an ideal pool building contractor.


In any construction site, accidents are prone to happen. If you want to hire a pool building contractor, insist on a formal statement of coverage from the company’s insurance agent (Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Coverage). Additionally, it is vital to go the extra mile and contact the insurance agent to validate if the contractor has coverage.


You could also ask for a formal written guarantee or warranty for any of the features you ask the contractor to install in your pool. Upon receipt, carefully read it through and ensure you have a full comprehension of what the coverage entails, such as a warranty on the tiles, plaster, shell plumbing and equipment. Additionally, critically keep an eye out for phrases such as “ground movement,” and “shifting soils,” as some pool builders tend to word their warranties with essential exclusions.

Formal Contracts

So now you have a contractor, but before jumping on board to sign a contract, analyse every line in your contract with your pool builder even before construction begins. Regardless of the promises your builder has made, read the contract carefully (especially thew conditions relating to schedule and payment) to ascertain that it includes everything you discussed.


A waiver would ensure that in instances when a contractor hires labourers and is unable to pay them, the labourers cannot claim against you or your property. A  lien waiver ensures that the workers receive their dues. Thus, they cannot make claims on your property.

It is evident that hiring the best pool builders and contractors is not a walk in the park. It requires a thorough examination and extraordinary patience. However, when you make the right decision, the end result is your dream pool come true.